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Who’s Running in Hanover?

March 13, 2013 | 2 Comments

Yesterday marked the filing deadline for local elections. I would understate things if I called the results disappointing. School boards here, municipalities here.

Only two people filed to run for five open seats on Hanover’s school board. Borough council also saw only two people file for five available seats. Ben Adams will run unopposed for mayor. Penn Township will have folks running unopposed for two commissioner seats. South Western schools will have five unopposed candidates for their board. Manheim Township has two people running for one seat while six folks will run for two seats in West Manheim, not surprising there given they have had plenty of citizen involvement.

When the borough raised taxes, plenty of people complained and threatened action. Yet three wards have no candidate. To be honest, I considered running in the first ward, but already feel I have spread myself thin with other activities. This news means incumbents Heidi Hormel (a good friend and too often the long voice of dissent on council), John Connor (who filled a vacancy a year ago), Sonny Eline and Tom Hufnagle, Jr., have decided not to run.

We’ll hear a call about the problems with the school district again soon as the budget gets closer. I will probably disagree with some decisions, but know that they fiscally have few choices because of state issues. I do know Jared Reck, one of the candidates, and liked seeing his name listed for a seat. This means Rick Engle, Darlene Funnk, Jim Watson and Steve Edwards have decided not to run again.

But what about everyone else? Are you volunteering too many places already? Do you have to work a second job? Do you just talk a good game? With so many people saying what’s wrong about our community, why aren’t more stepping up to lead the way?

Hanover School Board Candidates

Four Four-Year Terms

Jared Reck, Karen Daubert (Republican)

One Unexpired Two-Year Term


Hanover Borough Candidates


Ben Adams (R)

Council, Ward 1

Gerald Funke (D)

Council, Ward 2

William Reichart (R)

Council, Ward 3


Council, Ward 4


Council, Ward 5


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  1. Wow, that’s a real shame about the lack of candidates. Our weekly paper in Elizabethtown editorialized in the past about people running unopposed for Borough Council. But to have no one file petitions for seats that will be vacated in really too bad, especially in a town that’s twice as large as Elizabethtown. Local government is really important because it has direct impact on our daily lives — the streets you drive on, the water you drink the trash that gets picked up. It’s a sacrifice to serve the public, but for me it’s rewarding to give something back to the community. To be cliche about it, it’s nice to be a part of the solution. I hope for the sake of Hanover others will step up and throw their hats in the ring.

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