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What’s the YMCA Planning?

February 26, 2013 | 1 Comment

I have been meaning to blog more and got inspired today by the most mundane thing ever – a legal ad. There on the back page of today’s Evening Sun is a list of items to come before the Penn Twp. zoning board next month and one caught my eye.

The YMCA seems to be looking to build some facility at the corner of Grandview and Beck Mill. The ad describes the southeast corner being proposed for “a traditional YMCA facility which does not fall within the ordinance definition.” High Pointe, LLC, (Joe Myers builders, I believe) is making the application on behalf of the Y.

That intersection doesn’t have any open land so I’m not sure what all is planned there. The intersection sits across from Kids’ Kingdom and near St. Joseph Church. I had previously been thinking of Grandview and Black Rock since I drive by that area every day and just wasn’t properly oriented. There are a bunch of new housing developments in that area.

I wonder if this means that days are numbered for the south Hanover branch of the YMCA. Maybe this whole thing has been proposed for a while, but it caught my eye for the first time. The zoning meeting is set for March 12.

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