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We Are Not Alone

October 24, 2011 | 5 Comments

I love tomorrow. Not Tuesday in general, but the Tuesday when Hanover has Trick or Treat. This night is simultaneously the best Halloween experience ever and the sign that Hanoverians hate the holiday and despise anyone who didn’t grow up in Hanover because the local community has the gall to create its own traditions instead of polling new residents for what they used to do and simply doing that so they never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever have to experience change.

That’s what generates the whining about Trick or Treat being on a Tuesday and lame jokes about when we celebrate other holidays. Because God forbid Trick or Treat have its own place in a week-long celebration of Halloween. (And before anyone asks, I moved here in 1992 and have learned to deal with this little quirk of Hanover life.)

My favorite part of all this is the usual stomping of feet about how Hanover is so weird because of its Halloween festivities. You know why I like that part so much? It’s a total and utter lie.

Many communities in the Midwest, particularly in Ohio and Iowa, have a tradition called Beggars’ Night, which is the equivalent of Trick or Treat. This doesn’t always take place on the 31st. In fact, Hanover has a really stable way of choosing Trick or Treat through its relation to the parade while Beggars’ Night is often tied to a weekend close to Halloween.

So if anyone gives you grief about Trick or Treat tomorrow night, let them know that Hanover is no different than Akron, Ohio or Des Moines, Iowa or a bunch of other communities.

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  1. I think you are not writing about Hannover Germany. But some other Hannover, please clarify that or else you’ll keep misleading people. Thanks.

  2. That didn’t answer the question as to why Hanover PA doesn’t allow their children to celebrate Halloween on the 31st. Any day BUT the 31st. Superstition maybe??? They have Halloween parades but not Christmas…….another subject

    • There are long-standing traditions that lead to the way Halloween is. It’s Miss Hanover, then Trick or Treat, then the parade. As far as “not allowing,” I don’t look at it as a negative situation. It’s a fun local custom. Personally, I don’t see why people get so up in arms about what night we hold Trick or Treat. I have way more important things to worry about.

      Hanover does have a Christmas parade. Santa Claus rides into town (usually on a fire truck) on Black Friday to open the Christmas season. It’s a shorter parade, but has been growing the past few years. Center Square is now packed that morning thanks to the growth of the parade and the efforts of downtown merchants and the Chamber to stimulate interest in supporting local businesses. Then, that night, there is a tree lighting ceremony that draws a good crowd.

      So it’s wrong to say Hanover has a Halloween parade and not a Christmas parade. In fact, Hanover loves parades of all kinds – Memorial Day is another important parade in town. But some people just want to obsess over some harmless Halloween traditions and cast aspersions because we don’t change for you instead of just relaxing and having fun. I moved here in the early 90s and adapted. So can you.

      • That’s fine…….if you don’t know a good reason or answer for it. Apparently; no one can seriously answer that question. I think it might be superstition possibly. Christmas parades on the other hand shouldn’t be a “growing” tradition”. Something is just wrong with that statement. The ONLY reason to do that on Black Friday is to get people psyched up about spending money for Christmas. Not because of what Christmas spirit really is. Same as putting out Christmas décor to buy in September. It’s just a sells ploy. BUT……they DO go all out for Halloween. Just ignorant to make sure it’s NOT on the 31st……..very stupid.

        • I can seriously answer. I don’t know all the details, but it all involved a week-long celebration to include Miss Hanover on a Monday, Trick or Treat on a Tuesday and the parade on a Thursday. The order was so that Miss Hanover could ride in the parade and kids could walk in their costumes in the parade after Trick or Treating.

          Some history is here – The reality is that it is supposed to be a week-long celebration that people can count on, not a fight over what is “better.” Just relax and enjoy it. It shouldn’t matter what night people have fun and kids get free candy.

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