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Tax Increase Gets Smaller

December 20, 2012 | 5 Comments

According to Facebook posts from Hanover council members Raye Morris and Heidi Hormel, the tax increase has been cut by one-third. Raye posted about a long session with the Finance Committee last night earlier, and Heidi just posted that the increase will be 1.01 mills, not 1.5. By my math, that’s about $167 for the average assessed property value of $167,000.

As I have said all along, I think everyone would like taxes to never go up, but I don’t find that realistic. I’m curious to find out where the cuts came from and also interested to hear that council will take a comprehensive look at the way things are done to try and avoid future increases.

That sounds like a better strategy than council making a late push to trim the budget because people feel there can be more fat trimmed from the document. I know they all do a lot of work on these things and don’t question anyone’s commitment. I just think the whole “well it’s been a long time since we raised taxes” became a little too easy to rely on.

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    • Because I’m awesome.

      Not really. Likely because I’m just passing on info I saw on Facebook, not actually doing the work of a journalist.

  1. Again, how does Facebook manage to get this info and not the paper. Were there no reporters at the meeting of this importance??

    • It was posted by two council members that I happen to be be friends with. I’m not going to criticize the paper. I don’t know if they had anyone there last night, but what they do and what I do are completely different so I don’t expect (nor want) them to willy nilly throw info online every time they hear it.

  2. For the record, kinda late, there was no reporter at the above mentioned meeting. I was excited that we could achieve this compromise (so, I posted it right away, as I always do) that’s how my “council Facebook page” wound up with the info and the paper didn’t. I’d figure it went about the same way for Heidi.
    I use Facebook a lot to try to keep folks informed about what’s going on, meeting dates, etc. I see that Heidi does too.
    It’s important to me to try to do this…
    Thanks to you Brian, for passing info along as well!

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