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Stay Classy, HPSD

August 1, 2012 | 2 Comments

I’m torn by this one.

On one hand, I have heard not so good things about Hanover High principal Andrew Samuelson. To be fair, I have never met the guy or had any interaction at all with him, but I trust the people who have shared stories with me.

That said, when Lindy Lingg puts her hands on a TV cameraman and Al Moyer loses his cool because they can’t control the message (something they have been unable to do without TV camera being involved), it’s hard to focus on the actual issue here.

So instead of a clearly communicated administrative leadership plan in Hanover, we get stories of inflatable genitalia in the cafeteria work area, police asking the media if they want to press charges against the school board president and no clear picture of the direction the board and leadership has in mind for the district.

In other words, things have spiraled out of control on Moul Avenue.

It’s a public hearing, folks. You’re going to lose this fight every single time. I don’t care what the solicitor who you pay to represent your interests says, it’s a public meeting and cameras are allowed (even if the anchor person says Hanover is in Adams County). If you can finagle a way to have them removed for the moment, yelling and pushing them out never, ever, ever, ever works, especially when the people you are supposed to be leading don’t like a lot of the other decisions you have made recently.

All of this obscures the important issue of Samuelson’s performance and future within the school district. Maybe he did cause some problems, but if workers really had an inflatable schlong in a high school and, he didn’t feel the administration did enough, he kind of has a point.

Then again, if he really objected “to a gifted student’s request to take more than eight course credits and get an exception to the district’s graduation policy,” as The Evening Sun reported, I hope they gave him bad reviews. The roadblocks the district seems to put up for bright students continue to flummox me.

But, like I said, we’re not talking about that. We’re talking about the board and administration losing control of things because they don’t always get to make the rules. That never works out well for anyone.

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  1. You definitely hit the nail on the head…things are out of control at HPSD. Some of us just don’t know how bad. I don’t know Mr. Samuelsen at all but any administrator attempting to follow district policies is NOT one that should be demoted. For the last few months we have been dealing with the music program which has clearly declined under Dr. Smith’s watch in the MS. I have witnessed first hand how Mr. Hain deals with bullying at the MS so that doesn’t encourage my opinion of him in the HS…just prolongs our agony! I DO know that this ALL has prompted me to attend more board meetings but I wasn’t even aware of the one you posted. Ms. Lingg & Dr. Moyer always seem to be on the defensive…perhaps we need to find out why!

  2. Boy oh boy have you ever nailed it. In three weeks we’ve had reports that they are reorganizing the administration, adding additional employees to the administration side which is already over populated, raising our taxes and oh yeah we have an issue with weapons, drugs and blow up penises as well as cakes in a phallic shape. But then again Moyer and Lingg were the people who tried to push for a brand spanking 5 million plus field instead of fixing what we already owned. Once Art left the board, Lingg began to consolidate power and changed the format so that all of the normal information you could get from going to the school board or reading the minutes, was handled more internally at the committee level. The result was to leave the taxpayers, unable to make those 4 pm meetings out in the cold.
    While I have never dealt with Mr. Samuelsen, I agree with the other commenter about the attitude of Smith but it also applies to Moyer and Lingg.

    I think its time for a change and I mean a whole lot quicker than in four years people. Where in the heck do these people get up -all members of the HPSD work for us.

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