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Something’s Brewing Downtown

February 23, 2012 | Comment

I don’t know if a coffee shop is in the works, but something might be up after yesterday’s auction of the former Moose Lodge on Broadway.

The building, which includes two kitchens, some apartments, retail space and a whole lot more, went for just $15,000 to an unknown bidder. Scott Roland, who had listed the location as one of the possibilities for the Hanover Conference and Heritage Center he is proposing along with the Hanover Area Chamber of Commerce, told The Evening Sun he was not the buyer.

That’s a good thing. Not because Scott wouldn’t have put the building to good use. I’m sure he would have, but the article indicates he has his eyes focused on the former Wachovia Bank building on Carlisle Street.

So if that project may end up on Carlisle Street and the preservation folks might work to get someone to take over the theatre on Frederick Street, the notion of someone getting the Broadway location at a discount (the auctioneer expected a winning bid of $50,000) tells me that more than one project may be on the horizon for downtown.

That’s exactly what Roland told the paper – “In the long term, it might be something good. We all want more business, more interest downtown, and I wish the person who bought it the best.”

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