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So That Happened

June 25, 2015 | Comment

As my wife and I cleaned up after dinner last night, I told her I changed my mind about going to the Hanover Borough Council meeting. I had many reasons.

  • I had some work to do for Hanover Little Theatre
  • I’ll be going to plenty of meetings once I’m on council next year
  • I didn’t really feel like it

And the most important of all

  • The current leadership has made it clear they don’t care what their critics think so why go sit in a basement with no cell reception to see them do things that potentially make me cranky.

So I watched some TV, walked up the street for ice cream and then sat down to post the announcement of HLT’s new season (it’s going to be awesome) on the theatre’s web site. I also opened up a tab to check Facebook and saw the Living in Hanover page had received a message that said “Barb resigned.”

Immediately, I thought someone was playing a prank on me, but then I checked a bunch of other places and saw the news was correct – manager Barb Krebs had decided to step down as of July 17. Or Oct. 2. That’s all not clear to me now, but the upshot is that she is leaving her position.

Don’t expect me to celebrate. Sure, I never had faith in Barb’s ability to lead the borough and pretty much everyone I encountered since I decided to run for office told me my first act should be to get rid of her (that would take at least six members of council so I couldn’t promise anything), but I’m not going to jump up and down because someone quit their job before the heat got turned up.

First of all, I’m not as mean as I think some people may want to paint me. Secondly, my desire to run for council goes beyond simply thinking we could do better in the borough manager’s chair. A total change of attitude in borough leadership needs to take place. Some steps have been made, but the borough still faces lots of debt, much of it racked up under Krebs’ tenure, and suffers from a staggering lack of foresight when planning projects.

The insularity has to end at some point, but I expect those who hold power over the sitting council to simply promote from within instead of using the next six months to find an outside candidate who will bring new ideas to Hanover, so last night’s news just represents one small step in the process.

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