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Sitting This One Out

September 4, 2011 | Comment

Today, I have not practiced what I preach. I did not support my community and stayed home from the Hanover Chili Cookoff. I don’t have a really good reason. When push came to shove, I just didn’t feel like going.

That’s the risk of an event which has grown in popularity like the cookoff. It’s a little sticky outside, and I just dreaded heading over to Good Field to sweat amongst the other 10,000 or so attendees. Plus, I hadn’t bought a ticket, and I know what that mess is – it’s hard to make that a fast transaction when you have that many people. Then there’s the fact that, if I drove, I would have to watch my alcohol intake, and that’s no fun. I’m full of excuses.

So I didn’t go to support the people I know working at the Main Street Hanover booth or anyone else I may have known taking part. All of this is not unusual – the last time I went was two years ago, and that ended a long streak of missed cookoffs. A lot of times we have an event on Labor Day Sunday. The other years, I had my excuse list ready.

But I still plan on helping even though I didn’t fill myself with chili and beer (to my wife’s celebration, I am sure). The great thing about the cookoff is how it supports local charities. So instead of ponying up at the gate, I’ll join the Friends of the Library here in town ($10 or up for memberships) and get some of the things they need over at the Hanover Area Council of Churches the next time I go to the store.

I’ll also make a mental note to do these kinds of things more often instead of just when I feel guilty.

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