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Restaurant Week, Hanover Style

February 7, 2012 | Comment

A couple of friends talked on Facebook last week about Restaurant Week, a project organized in a number of communities to encourage people to eat out locally. Central PA magazine wanted info on which communities did this and also asked if any areas banded together for a “Night Out” to benefit a charity. They briefly tossed around the idea of Hanover pulling off a project like this.

That would certainly be a wonderful project, but let’s not wait for that to support local restaurants. Last month, I posted a 2012 To-Do list. The first bullet point was “Eat at a locally-owned restaurant at least once a month.” We did that last month when we went Tacos Y Tortas Dona Mary on Walnut Street. I had not been there for a while and now wonder why I let that happen.

This is why I encourage people to seek out the great things Hanover, especially downtown, offers. Even though this restaurant sits near what one person deemed on a Facebook supposedly dedicated to supporting Hanover as the most dangerous alley in Hanover (my wife and I walked down the alley and lived to tell the tale), it should rank as a can’t miss location. But too many people default to chains when they go out and eat.

I’ve said it plenty of times, I really don’t care if people like chain restaurants. I like some of them, but if you don’t go beyond that pre-prescribed spread, you’re really missing out. Maybe Tacos y Tortas isn’t your cup of tea, don’t run to Taco Bell. Try Gallito’s if you want local Mexican food or Buona Fortuna in place of Olive Garden or Blue Koi instead of Red Lobster.

There are plenty more, but you get the point. We may not have a fundraiser or special price fixe menus to celebrate restaurant week, but that doesn’t mean you can’t explore on your own.

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