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Parking’s Not That Complicated

January 29, 2015 | 1 Comment

A bunch of residents near Hanover Hospital came to borough council Wednesday to try and address the problems of parking in the facility’s neighborhoods. I have heard of this before – street parking taken up all day by employees, leaving residents searching for a place to park.

Normally, I am in the “it’s public parking – anyone can use it” side of the equation. I would feel bad for residents, but stick to that line of thinking. Then Barb Krebs had to open her big mouth.

“It’s a complex issue and it’s not an easy fix,” said Barbara Krebs, Hanover Borough manager. “The hospital has their policies and we can’t ticket people for public parking.”

That’s what she said at the meeting (or told the paper after the meeting – I was officiating last night and, quite frankly, probably would not have gone even if I was available because I am kind of sick of this group of yahoos). Once again, it’s time to call BS on the manager’s, well, BS. Council can easily create parking restrictions on certain streets that benefit the residents. Just Google “Pennsylvania borough residential parking” and look at all the boroughs around the state who have all kinds of programs.

Sure, it may involve a fee. Sure, it may require some work. Sure, the hospital might not immediately jump on board. But that’s why we pay you the big bucks, Barb (and you make sure your friends make big bucks too because what’s being in charge without stacking the deck in favor of people who kiss your behind).

It would only be complex if you decided to make it complex. And you will because you don’t want to talk to people or help residents or do anything that someone in your position should do.

Because if you did, the downtown parking plan that was given to you more than a year ago may have done more than serve as a coaster in your office. I bet if these folks wanted to rezone their properties to cram a bunch of efficiency apartments (and threatened to sue you if you didn’t do exactly what they wanted), you’d bend over backwards to help them.


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  1. Is this even a real issue, or is it the parochial attitude which pudgy and slothful citizens have about “first rights” to the public parking which is nearest to their homes so they don’t have to walk more than twenty yards? If I ran the hospital I’d resist vigorously and point out just how lazy some people are. I don’t know the facts on this question, but that’s never stopped me from having an opinion which I’m at liberty to change.

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