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Overwhelming Evidence

February 28, 2014 | 2 Comments

I originally planned to write a post about the nature trail meeting and how I’m sad borough council/administration sat there and threw the poor engineering assistant (and who is he an assistant to since they no longer have a borough engineer?) under the bus and how I’m happy that lots of people are seeing the things I have been talking about for a couple of years now and how I’m proud to see the engagement and thoughtfulness of the community.

But on the way to putting that post together, I did a quick Google search for something and found another item that points to the cluelessness of the people running the borough. I simply Googled the phrase “Hanover Borough.” In the results, I saw a curious entry – a site that looked like it was about the borough police department. I know sometimes spammers will gobble up domains and make sites that look official so I figured that would be the case here.

Nope. You can go to and see a site run by the police department, seemingly independent of the borough web site, much more attractive that the borough web site and at a domain not owned by the borough government. The domain has been alive for more almost seven years. The borough main site does link to it, but they in no way promote that the police has their own site with their own tips and expertise.

Once again, we find an example of how hollow the promise of better communication Barb Krebs made when she was promoted to borough manager really is. And once again, we see that there are examples of outstanding work being done behind the scenes in the borough. They just don’t always get a chance to see the light when big egos block the view.

Kudos to Chief Smith and his department.

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  1. Good website and good community policing principles, but a bad idea in terms of presenting a single controlled communications strategy for the Borough. And it’s good to see that the Police “believe in doing the right thing and doing it the right way”, a marked departure from the way the Borough and Council are run. The Manager is a hanger-on from the Reign of Bruce having many of the same traits of arrogance and ignorance, and the Council President is a bald rotund man of few words who is more interested in trashing his colleagues with good ideas and manners like Henry McLin than he is in being a good leader and steward of the citizens’ business. But if you don’t get involved and vote in other real people, the old hacks will continue to do things the Old Way. Go to meetings, send handwritten letters (still one of the most effective lobbying tools, especially when copied to the press), and shame these Borough Bozos into submission if that’s possible.

  2. redirects you to this more cumbersome URL:, created in 2012, updated in 2013 and expiring in May 2014, and registered to Borough Secretary Dorrie Miller at her personal email The Country Code URL is listed as “inactive”, registered to the Registrar NeuStar Inc., created in 2003, last updated in 2012 and expiring in 2015.

    This indicates to me that the Borough is paying for two domains but only using one, not a big amount of money, but not very tech savvy. The country code is the preferred URL for government units like the Commonwealth, and the .info domain is a more recently created Top Level Domains (TLDs) with others like ,biz and .mobile.

    Domain registration data is available at http://www.whois[dot]com[forwardslash]whois/.

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