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Open Up!

April 25, 2013 | 1 Comment

Want to know what the Planning Commission in Conewago Township (Adams County) is doing? They have their minutes online.

Curious about the public comment period at a Hanover School Board meeting? You can listen to an audio file on your computer any time you want.

Not sure what happened at the January 2004 Penn Township Zoning Board meeting? That’s just a few clicks away.

Dare to question how Hanover Borough Council comes to a decision? You better set aside all your time to shadow them and go to every single meeting and talk regularly with administration (if they will deign to deal with you) or you are SOL.

So council – in a closed caucus – decided to not kick my friend Heidi Hormel off the governing body because she’s a big meanie who asks a lot of questions. Thank goodness common sense prevailed. But nothing has been done to take on the real problem in town.

Why is the borough so afraid of sharing information? Why has it been four months since meeting minutes have been posted on their website? Why aren’t agendas made available online to the public? Why are committee meeting minutes not shared publicly online? Why isn’t the outline of the “nature trail project” project that is supposed to show how incredibly open the borough is provided BEFORE there was any discussion instead of  after? Why do two standing committees regularly included in council action (Streets and Public Service) have no public meeting dates listed anywhere on the borough website?

Why is omerta seemingly the rule of law in Hanover Borough?

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  1. Some things never changed. Hanover always has been a bit closed – I was lived there from 1990-95 and while it was a pretty community with a lot of good folks, it had little tolerance for anything that challenged its image of itself. I obviously have a bias in favor of Heidi since I assume she’s asking question in the same fashion she asked them as a First Amendment representative of the public at The Evening Sun. Is that reason enough to kick her off a body? In Hanover it may be. Too bad.

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