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No Whining

September 8, 2011 | Comment

A while back, I got a message from a guy I grew up with who had moved to the region. He asked me of a good bar in Hanover to come watch football. Believe it or not, I had a hard time giving him an answer.

I’ve frequented a bunch of local bars, but the reality is that I have not gone to any of them in forever. I think I ended up passing on a few local places as suggestions noting that I just didn’t have my finger on the pulse of local bars..

This may seem to fly in the face of how much I enjoy supporting local businesses … and beer and snacks.The reality is that, in recent years, I have gravitated toward social clubs instead of bars.

I belong to two clubs (the Hanover K of C and the Republican Club) and spend most of my time out at one of those places. I don’t have anything against the local bars. I just find that the clubs fit my needs. If places give people what they want, they will ultimately survive.

That’s kind of why I got a little irked by the story in the paper the other day talking about how Lil’ Bit of Chicago had changed things around so they could qualify as a smoking establishment. The story was fine (I’ve known Craig Paskoski for years so am not going to denigrate his work), but I had to roll my eyes when “Skee” went off about the clubs.

I will freely admit that I’m not his biggest fan. When I did go to LBOC years and years ago, I never really liked how he treated people. Then when I ended up putting my foot into a bucket of water one winter night (it was after one of the blizzard/ice storm combinations) because his ceiling was leaking so bad and he had buckets and stuff set up all over the place where you couldn’t see them and neither he nor the bartender found it problematic that a patron had stepped in a bucket of water hidden underneath a barstool, I was done with the guy.

(Yeah, I write run-on sentences when I get angry – sue me).

Plenty of other places succeed around town while competing against the social clubs. And the social clubs simply don’t exist to make a bar owner’s life unfair. Both entities serve a purpose. His whole rant is an unfair slap at both the clubs which serve their members and do good in the community and the other bars which have provided people reasons for continuing to patronize them.

The bottom line is, he just likes to complain. He’s not switching to smoking/18+/less food simply because the clubs have different hours, allow some gambling and allow smoking. He’s doing it to get attention because people have voted with their wallets.

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