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Next Stop: Borough Council

March 11, 2015 | 8 Comments

I am happy to announce that I am running for a seat on Hanover Borough Council in the First Ward in the May 19 Republican primary. I am excited to partner with several other like-minded individuals in this election effort.

I strongly believe that the success of Hanover depends on much more than the 10 people sitting behind the council table. My primary goal in running for this seat is to bring transparency, positivity and diversity of opinion to the way the Hanover Borough operates.

Encouraging developments in recent months have proven that Hanover residents and business owners share a common vision of a vibrant downtown that will fuel a dynamic community beyond Center Square and even the borough limits. I hope you will support my First Ward election effort so I can help the borough government play a proactive and constructive role in this exciting time.

Also, I encourage those in other areas of the borough to support Dan Noble (Second Ward), Henry McLin (Third Ward), Scott Angel (Fourth Ward) and James Baumgardner (Fifth Ward) as we work together to benefit the Hanover Borough.

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    • The boundaries are very complicated so here are the wards with where the voting location is – most people identify with that better.

      1st Ward: Calvary Bible Church
      2nd Ward: Hanover Market House
      3rd Ward: Utz Pavilion (rear Of Retail Outlet)
      4th Ward: Wirt Park Fire Station
      5th Ward: Hanover Community Health & Ed. Center (at York and Pleasant streets)

      • Anyway you can tell us about some of your views? What about any the others running? I’m seeing their signs but can find them on the Internet to see their views

        • I’ll give it a crack here for me – I can’t speak for the other folks although it’s more than fair to say we are very in sync on the major issues facing downtown.

          You can read what I have written here or in the Living in Hanover Facebook group to get a better flavor of where I stand. We are also having an event for the five of us at the Community Health and Education Center on York Street on May 5 at 7 p.m. to share our ideas with folks.

          Basically, I am running to try and bring a more respectful and professional tone to the way the borough deals with people. When folks stand up at a meeting, they shouldn’t be treated as a bother. When people disagree with the borough, they shouldn’t hear nasty rumors about them around town. When people want to use public facilities for events, I want the borough to help them, not come up with rules to limit the number of events around town.

          I want the borough to be more open in how it develops its plans. When there are major projects – even minor projects – there should be clearly defined goals, an announced budget, timelines, etc. We shouldn’t be spending unbudgeted money on projects planned out of the open with promises that everything will be fine, but no data or estimate to justify the work.

          I want the borough to communicate more clearly and openly, using the website and other tools proactively instead of hiding as much information as possible until they absolutely have to hand it over.

          I want there to be smiles behind the council table. I want the borough manager to stop hiding behind a computer monitor during meetings. I want the blaming of everyone except those making the decisions to come to an end. I want the borough to work as a partner with residents, businesses and other organizations instead of fighting anyone who does not walk in lockstep with the agenda they have conceived in small group meetings.

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