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New Market Coming to North Hanover

December 2, 2012 | Comment

In six months time, you should have a new shopping choice in the Hanover area. The developers who built The Markets at Shrewsbury have plans for a similar venture on Route 194, by the Gold’s Gym near the Hanover Bowling Centre.

A friend got word to me that a relative had seen the news in a Lancaster agricultural newspaper. Sure enough, I did a little hunting and had no problem finding the ad at the bottom of this page which spelled out the plans.

100,000 square feet under one Roof. Giant Lighted Sign and planned new entrance at the exciting location next to Golds Gym at the end of the Golden Mile on Rt. 194.
Amish Market Vendors, Furniture, Crafts: Deli, Subs & Sandwiches, Meat and Poultry, Bar-B-Que (chicken, ribs, pork), Restaurant, Produce, Bakery, Doughnuts, Bulk Food, Candy, Jarred Goods, Sheds, Outside Furniture, Landscaping, Fencing, Barns, Ponds, Waterfalls…

Room for an Antiqu Mall, Room for a Consignment shop or 2nd time around, office furniture, ALL welcome Artisians, Craft Vendors, Antique Dealers and More!

I assume all of this will go into the large building next to Gold’s, closer to Eisenhower Drive. I can’t for the life of me remember what sits in there now. This sounds like a pretty interesting project, and I always like when someone established makes use of an existing building. The developer says in the ad that this will open in “Spring 2013.” They also have one for the Fort indantown Gap area planned for the following year.

I also heard that Hanover Wesleyan Church has plans for a new facility in the same general area, on land by Hickory Falls Family Entertainment Center. I liked what I heard of this because some of the plans will be open for public use (not that it really matters that much what a church does to me, but it is nice when they can benefit everyone).

So it sounds like the north end of Penn Township has plenty of activity these days. I haven’t noticed any work taking place so will have to pay attention a little closer next time I head out that part of Broadway.

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