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Music to My Ears

September 26, 2012 | Comment

My Friday night football wanderings (I freelance for the York Daily Record/Sunday News) took me to York Catholic last week to see the Irish take on Hanover. The home team won big, but not without a good effort from the Nighthawks.

But the real treat at halftime came when the Hanover band took the field. A lot of deserved angst flew around the district during the summer when proposals about cutting some aspects of the music program came to light. The only one of them which really stuck was the suspension of the marching band program in favor of a pep band, which includes students from both the middle and high schools.

After watching their show on Friday, I feel comfortable saying that no one should fear for the future of this program. The students did a great job and got a really nice reception from the York Catholic fans. Sure, they may not have marched, but they had a high-energy, fun show which ended with LMFAO’s “Party Rock Anthem.” At one point, the students put down their instruments and did a little dance together.

The way this group has seemed to approach the change in plans gives me total confidence that music will always play an important role in the district. One of the parents who had come up to the press box to video the performance said they were improving each week and that the group did a great job for only practicing one day a week.

Personally, I’m stunned they are doing that well with that limited amount of practice time. That tells me that they have a solid focus of what they want to accomplish and don’t waste the little time they have together. That’s the kind of positive momentum that the district needs. The marching will come in time. Let’s not get worried about that aspect and miss the quality of the performances.

Now if they could only learn to play “Gangnam Style” by the end of the season and incorporate that dance into their act.

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