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Money Well Spent?

March 25, 2015 | Comment

This Saturday, Hanover Fellowship Church will have a 5K to raise money for New Hope Ministries. They applied for permits from Hanover Borough last year and were given permission in December to hold the race, providing they pay the $500 “special events” fee for borough services.

The race course takes place about 90 percent in Conewago Township and only requires the closing of two blocks in the borough. They also appear to be using facilities at Myers Playground, but is it $500 worth?

Potter’s House is on tonight’s agenda to use the facilities at Moul Avenue for services during the summer. They are getting a pair of two-hour blocks each day they requested for $50.00.

So a church tonight is getting four hours for $50, but Hanover Fellowship is getting three hours and two blocks of a street closed for $500?

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