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Meetings Tonight

August 27, 2014 | Comment

Hanover Borough has a couple of meetings tonight. I have another obligation, so this is one of those times when I am really happy they were pressured into posting agendas online so I can see what’s happening and help spread the word. Let’s just hope they didn’t “forget” to add something like a quarter-million dollar un-budgeted property purchase like they did last month.

The Public Service committee meets at 6:15 p.m. with the council meeting to follow at 7. Remember, this is the only official council meeting for the month since they switched the schedule for 2014. That means they are approving a request for Delone’s tennis team to use the West Hanover Street tennis courts tonight even though the team has been playing there for almost three weeks.

Anyway, here are some highlights from the agendas as well as department reports (in no particular order)

  1. The amusement tax is on the public service agenda. Hopefully this is the discussion to repeal the tax as I have heard rumors about.
  2. The council agenda has an item to accept a $1,183,205.74 bid for a new ladder truck. This runaway train wasn’t going to be stopped, unfortunately.
  3. According to the library director’s report, there are significant leaks in the children’s library area. All that money to tear things out, put them back off and now there are buckets, plastic sheeting and “caution” tape all over the place.
  4. The auction of the Blue Quarry Farm land is set for next month and departments are being asked to put together “unusable or saleable equipment to be auctioned.” It’s bad enough that the administration and council leadership committed to buying the Tanger building before having the money in hand, but now they are basically yard-saling it on the fly to raise funds?
  5. The Public Service Committee will take up a waiver request for the Hanover Athletic Boosters 5K later this fall. A tiebreaking vote by Mayor Ben Adams last year waived the fee much to the consternation of some people at the table. Very interested to see how it plays out last year since some recent meetings haven’t even included a vote on waiver requests.
  6. Two items on the same agenda will focus on “positive aspects of skateparks” from a citizen letter and a proposal for bocce courts at Wirt Park.
  7. The borough bicentennial is also on that agenda. That would be next year. I know who shouldn’t be in charge of planning it.
  8. A small item from the library report, the Middle School Book Talks at the library is losing its funding source. Richard Michael has moved from the area. I really hope the library can get someone to step up for this program (and more).

If you can go, head to the meeting and make your voice heard or at least make sure they know people are keeping an eye on things.

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