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Kudos, Hanover Police

November 3, 2011 | Comment

The paper has had a few stories recently on a home invasion in the borough recently. Thankfully, Hanover Police have made a pair of arrests in the case less than a week after the incident.

I don’t think the borough cops get enough respect. On the old message boards at The Evening Sun (aka The Cesspool), they were pilloried as police can often be in an anonymous context. But these arrests show why I have to tip my cap to the men and ladies of the force.

Both guys arrested have somewhat long records. One of them in fact, the one whose parents named him after a 1980s heavy metal band, faces charges from a string of incidents in the last 10 days or so of October. The other is also no stranger to the local constabulatory.

And if the police can’t happen to be in place when a crime arrives, the next best thing is to know enough about the local riff-raff that they can find them pretty easily without the problem getting out of control. That seems to be what happened here, just like with the hammer attack guy before and a bunch of other incidents.

Now who knows what happens with these guys once they get into the justice system, but at least I feel better knowing that the local cops have enough info to get a case like this into the system pretty quickly.

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