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HPSD to Make Superintendent Permanent

November 10, 2013 | 3 Comments

The agenda for the Hanover Public School District board meeting Monday is out (well, it was a couple of days ago and I looked at it Saturday, but forgot to post this until now), and it looks like the district will hire Dr. John Scola as its permanent superintendent.

It is recommended that, pursuant to the provisions  of Section 10­1071 et.
seq. of the Public School Code,  the Board approve the election of Dr.
John Scola as Superintendent for a term beginning November 12, 2013, to
June 30, 2018, at an initial salary of $157,000 and with other terms and
conditions as set forth in the Superintendent  Employment Agreement
which the President of the Board is hereby authorized to sign (enclosure).

That’s a bump from the $129,000 that Al Moyer would have received in the first year of the contract he signed before leaving for South Middleton schools, but  it sounds like a great investment. My personal view (not that of an incoming school board member, but just me as a parent and taxpayer) is that Hanover found the right guy. From board members to teachers, I have heard great things about his dealings in many areas.

I met John briefly when I volunteered at an middle school event, and he seemed engaging and very curious about life in hanover. I have seen many good changes recently in the district and think this continues that trend.

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  1. No wonder the school taxes are so high. This is outrageous. Those idiots on the school board shouldn’t be making that sort of money.

  2. 1. The “idiots on the school board” make no money. It is a volunteer position by state law.
    2. The new superintendent salary represents one-half of one percent of the budget. The salary of a single employee in such a large enterprise has nothing to do with taxes.

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