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HPSD Looking at Small Tax Hike

May 10, 2013 | Comment

All this considered, with the way things are going in public education these days, the notion of a .38 mill tax hike is not that hard to swallow for Hanover schools, in my opinion. That’s what the board will begin to consider at Monday’s meeting, according to the agenda posted on the district website. The hike – 2 percent – will take the rate up to 19.83 mills. That’s another $38 for every $100,000 of assessed value (if my millage math did not fail me).

I don’t like new taxes, but given the horrific state support for schools everywhere, schools bumping up against the 2 percent hike they are somewhat restricted to is almost all you can ask for. South Western could have raised more than that, but is right around 2 percent as well. I don’t like that it’s 2 percent again, but I also realize a lot if out of the hands of individual district’s. You can’t say this is a Hanover problem when it’s happening everywhere.

This is just the preliminary approval. They have another step before they finalize things in June. Hanover will have a budget of $28,758,077 for 2013-14. That’s an increase of  $1,171,920, about 4 percent higher, than the current budget (again, hoping I did the math right).

Now I’m interested to see how they got there. The retirement incentive hopefully helped some. We still haven’t heard details on the potential outsourcing of janitorial services although I did hear a rumor that a company that does that sort of thing nationwide is in line to get the contract. Like so many things, I have read some really bad things about the company and see some that seem acceptable. I want to learn more before first, but I have a feeling I won’t like the outcome. This is not on the agenda for Monday although that doesn’t mean it won’t be discussed.

Either way, that’s the budget situation for the schools. The details will always come out over time so we’ll have to wait.

The agenda also has an item for a “Cell Phone Tower Income Opportunity.” That also intrigues me.



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