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HPSD Agenda Excitement

September 6, 2013 | Comment

I shouldn’t be this giddy about seeing the Hanover school agenda appear online the Friday before a meeting. But it is cool to get a peek into what’s coming up at the next meeting. Three things jumped out at me today:

  • The paper had a great story this week on the boys’ soccer team as it worked its way back after not having a squad last year. The article quoted coach Gary Singer about how it all happened. Well, that is now ex-coach Gary Singer. He is resigning, effective today. I wonder what that means for the squad.
  • There is a new job description which will be voted on, Assistant to the Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. No real details, but this sounds like a lower-level position to fill some of the work which Pam Smith was doing last year. I’ll be interested in seeing if that’s the case.
  • The last one geeks me up specifically because of my interests. Hanover will hire Kurt Brenner as the new high school wrestling coach after Dave Cataldo took the early retirement package after last school year. In wrestling terms, this is HUGE. Well, unless there is another Kurt Brenner, and this isn’t the former three-time PIAA champ. If that is the guy, Hanover will get a young coach with an outstanding pedigree. Brenner started for four years at West Virginia, wrestling at the same time as Hanover alum Thomas Slaugh. Brenner was nationally ranked most of his time at WVU, but just could not get onto the All-American podium. He has continued to wrestling, hitting the mats at the freestyle US Open earlier this year. I could keep going, but this is a tremendous hire or it’s a cruel joke that someone with the same name as a great wrestler who has a small connection to the Hanover area got the job. I’m hoping for the former.

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