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Hanover School Notes

August 22, 2012 | 4 Comments

Just a few things I have learned/figured out lately:

  • Class lists are posted at the schools. Well, at least they are at Hanover Middle.
  • Remember how we were supposed to be thankful that the district was saving money by turning the assistant principal positions into Dean of Students positions at a lower cost and two elementary principals would cost less than three? In addition to pay for “lead teachers” at the elementary level (a great idea, just more money), HPSD is now (maybe – see comment below) paying $400 a day for “mentors” as Joel Hain and Mark Hershner get acclimated to running the high school and middle school, respectively. Mike Shirey (one of my favorites) is at the middle school while Brad Arnold is still with the district, helping at the high school. I have no real problems with any of these four men, but it’s just another example of having to look deeper into what the administration and board tell us. That’s $4,000 a week for “mentors” when the district was desperate to cut $7,000 for the year from the drama program. That’s like cutting your cable bill to save money, but going out to dinner every night.
  • Hanover will not have a boy’s soccer team. Apparently, less than 10 players have come out for the team. I did hear that there may have been a communication/language barrier problem which kept some potential players from getting the required physicals. If that is the problem and not just apathy, that’s unfortunate, especially for the seniors.
  • School board meets on Monday.

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  1. The $400 per day was mentioned at the concerned parents meeting Tuesday. Since I don’t know the parent’s source I’m not sure how accurate the figure is.

    • Thanks. It’s not confirmed. Brad Arnold’s original rate when he started subbing for Dr. Smith was $300 per day so maybe that’s it. But it will still add up.

      • I agree with you, but I do think that it’s time that an investment was made in helping principals reach their highest potential. Beginning teachers are paired with a “mentor” teacher, and the same should be done with principals. Hopefully the proactive measure works.

        • I completely agree. I don’t mind the investment, just that this is an investment that was never really brought up when we were told how they were saving money. To me it’s more about transparency. If they feel Joel and Mark need a little extra help, just be up front about it.

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