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Living in Hanover

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Hanover Bites

February 27, 2012 | 1 Comment

When I saw the post on Facebook Friday morning, I knew I had to visit the Carriage House Market the next day. They often advertise their specials online, and this one made a lasting impression.

Have you tried the “Hanover” cookie? Our homage to our fair town–caramelized popcorn, pretzels, & potato chips with chocolate chips. Sweet, savory, & addictive!

If I had an audio file of the moment my wife and I started eating these cookies after dinner Saturday night, you would probably have to bleep out some of our reaction. These cookies are that good. And only $1 a piece – trust me, it’s worth it because they are pretty big.

I don’t know how often they will have these for sale, but I plan on spending a fair amount of time this week anticipating a visit to the Carriage House on Saturday to get another one.

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