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Living in Hanover

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From the Home Office in Glenville …

November 1, 2012 | Comment

… the Top 10 reasons you should come see Sex Please, We’re Sixty, the upcoming show at Hanover Little Theatre with a cast of thousands (OK, only six, one of them being me, but with an incredible director and many other hands helping with set construction, stage managing, lights, selling tickets and ushering, a lot of people make these events happen and would appreciate your support).

  1. With seven performances to choose from, you can always find a night free to come out and join the audience
  2. You may see your doctor on stage. Or your former teacher. Or your friendly neighborhood blogger.
  3. There is “sex” in the title. Need I say more?
  4. With our convenient online ticket system, you can make your purchase in your jammies. Buying things in your jammies always makes them more fun.
  5. Claire’s is conveniently located for a pre-show dinner.
  6. You get to see me cry.
  7. If you buy tickets, I might stop bugging you about buying tickets.
  8. With capacity at fewer than 120, you are pretty much guaranteed a good seat.
  9. You can theatrically tell people you are going to “the theee-ehhhhh-tarrrrrrrr.”
  10. For just a few dollars more than a ticket to the movies, you will support live entertainment performed by members of your community’s only all-volunteer theatre group.

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