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Friday Plans

November 22, 2011 | Comment

Normally, I would not advocate heading into the shopping mess on Black Friday. But the scene this year in Hanover is not normal.

First of all, how can you resist Santa riding into town on a fire truck?

Secondly, the second annual bike decorating contest for kids puts a wonderful spin on the annual parade. I will once again walk with the group since my daughter is participating. This has been a wonderful addition which allows the day to focus some on the children instead of just on shopping.

Lastly, the initiative developed by a group of downtown merchants brings a different kind of Black Friday shopping experience. Instead of seeing how early they can trick you into waking up, downtown shops will see how many of them you can visit. If you shop at more than one participating downtown business on Black Friday and Saturday, Nov. 26 (and a Saturday in December) you can get a discount or special offer. Just take your receipt from the first shop to another participating retailer to take advantage of their offer. Each store will have a different special for those shopping downtown.

So resist the temptation to sit on your butt on the couch all day and go support downtown businesses. You don’t have to do all your holiday shopping there, but don’t ignore it completely.

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