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First Try: Warehouse Craft Brewing

March 15, 2013 | Comment

Well, first and second try. I went to the brewpub for the first time for lunch a couple of months ago and totally forgot to write about it. Then I headed there the other night and made sure to remember this time.

After two visits, I can say I wholeheartedly approve, as if that was in any doubt. On the first trip I had a few different beers and a “Dagwood” sandwich while I opted for a few of the same brew the other night and tried one of their evening snacks.

I really like the layout of the upstairs. They do a lot with a little space with a handful of seats at the bar, a few tables and a bar along the far wall for an overflow crowd, I would assume. The room has had plenty of people on both of my visits so I’m glad I’m not the only one taking advantage of this new local treasure.

The available beers are displayed in a fun way on a chalkboard on one wall. The DIY nature of the taps – the Leggy Blonde beer has a Barbie doll fastened to the handle – gives the room a homey feel. The staff has been great each time I visited. They also have a large TV above the bar.

I had found that I enjoy the Passive Aggressive Pale Ale (PAPA) best of the ones I have tried. Shocking, I know, because of my penchant for that behavior at times and because that’s probably my favorite style of beer. They have a dry-hopped version as well now, but I didn’t try that the other night. I also tried the Downtown Brown on my first trip and like that, although not as much as the PAPA. I want to try the Blonde as well as their Hopknocker IPA some other time.

My snack the other night was about as simple as you can get, but that didn’t make it less enjoyable. I got pretzels (a snack-sized back of Snyder’s sourdough hards) and mustard, a homemade beer mustard that really hit the spot. The mustard had a kick which went away after you took a sip of beer (because they use a horseradish base the bartender told me) so that it didn’t destroy your experience.

I can’t find enough good things to say about the place based on just two visits. I don’t know how regularly I will go, but I will definitely make sure I don’t leave it out of the rotation (or forget to tell people about it) in the future.

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