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First Try: Sweet Frog

July 6, 2012 | 3 Comments

I found myself out by Target with a little time to kill a couple of weeks ago and decided to try out Sweet Frog, the new frozen yogurt place. I had heard good things, plus it was hot.

In the end, I can simply say “meh.” Like Coldstone Creamery, this seems like the focus is more on the process than the product, except they add a DYI component. There are a ton of frozen yogurt flavors and another ton of toppings. You pick a cup, fill it with whatever you want, weigh it, then pay.

I’m not trying to be hypercritical. With a bulk of dessert options, I just didn’t find it so outstanding that I would make a special run out there just to get my fix. I’m sure some people love the many options, so I’m glad that kind of place exists.

One other thing. I know every restaurant has to have a fundraising component now. I have no problem with this because we have helped organize some, and they really can do a nice job of raising money. But the night I went, some church had a guy standing outside holding the door for people and asking them to say they were with their group.

That is a sure fire way to not get me to help your group raise money. In fact, if I were the store manager, I’d be pissed that I was trying to help you out and you had to get complete strangers to raise your share of the money instead of, you know, actually getting people affiliated with your group to come out and do that by patronizing my business.

I know some stores have rules on what you can and can’t do in these programs. If part of Sweet Frog’s strategy is to have a personal greeter try and get you to support their cause, I’d be more than happy to not stop by again. I can always go to Rita’s or the Big Chill to satisfy my sweet tooth.

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  2. Why is it so wrong for someone to ask you to participate in their fundraiser? If it were your organization, wouldn’t you like to be able to ask everyone to be a part of it, not just your friends? I think it’s great that Sweet Frog allows that, it wouldn’t cost me any more $ if I decided to participate, it’s the store that is giving them the money. If they want to help out the organizations in the community, who are you to stop them?

    • I think it’s wrong to stand at the door and ask every single person to take part in your fundraiser. I had no idea what this group was about or what they stood for other than they were a church. Do the work beforehand and get people in your group out to support the effort. I think it’s great that Sweet Frog allows people to help raise money, but when you’re almost panhandled at the door, it bothers me. I work with lots of groups who do fundraisers. I would never want to look like we’re putting pressure on people to take part. Not everyone may feel that way, but that’s how it felt to me.

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