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First Try: Pink Spoon

March 8, 2013 | 2 Comments

My descent into full-bore frozen yogurt obsession continued last Saturday when we visited Pink Spoon in the Grandview Plaza shopping center on its opening weekend. We have a friend who manages the store so we wanted to show our support. Plus, frozen yogurt is very good.

In a lot of ways, not much separates Pink Spoon and Sweet Frog. The basic setup is the same, but I’m leaning toward spending more time at the newer joint. And not just because of a friend working there.

First off, a simple addition made the experience pleasant from the start. Pink Spoon had an LCD screen which showed the available flavors of yogurt. At Sweet Frog, you kind of have to crane your neck through the people already standing at the machines to see what they have to offer that particular day. A small difference, but one I appreciated.

Something else I like, even though I probably won’t take advantage of it, is that the toppings include breakfast cereals. So if you want Cap’n Crunch on your yogurt, the south of Hanover is where you should go.

Lastly, I simply liked the seating area better. Pink Spoon doesn’t have as much seating as Sweet Frog. That can count as a negative because Sweet Frog has been packed a number of times lately, and if the new competitor does as well, it might need more places to sit. But I just liked the feel of Pink Spoon better. Maybe it was the changing colors of one of the signs or the slideshow on yet another LCD screen.

But in terms of yogurt, I don’t think you can go wrong with either location. Definitely give both a try.

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  1. Thanks for the feedback regarding our Hanover Sweet Frog. This was our first store and we always welcome constructive feedback. It is very good insight in regards to better displaying our yogurt flavors and placing a Flat screen in the seating area. We actually have the flat screen purchased but haven’t intalled it. Hopefully soon 🙂 As we open our next two stores I will definitely keep you insights in mind.
    Thanks Todd Martin
    Owner Sweet Frog Hanover

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