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First Try: Moon’s Cafe

October 1, 2012 | 1 Comment

I had plans on Saturday morning with some of my fellow Lion’s Club members to raise money for the Red Cross at the Hanover market, but arrived a little earlier than necessary. I didn’t want to buy anything since it would have to sit in the car for a few hours so opted to get a breakfast sandwich at Moon’s Cafe, the small counter right as you enter from the Chestnut Street entrance.

I grabbed an egg sandwich with sausage and a coffee. The whole thing ran me $4, which was well worth it. They made the egg right there, and the coffee was a decent size. I also got a free cup of water when I realized a fresh cup of coffee would not work with a freshly-made hot sandwich.

None of this really shatters any barriers, but I really had an enjoyable breakfast. The counter (and Moon’s salad stand right next to it) were manned by high school/college age students who looked like they enjoyed their jobs. Given the hours of the market on Saturday, I commend them.

I don’t always think of sitting down for breakfast when I go to market, usually because I have already eaten before I head out shopping, but this impromptu decision has changed my outlook on this. I will definitely give Moon’s cafe another try.

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