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First Try: Hickory Falls Laser Tag

October 18, 2012 | Comment

Many months ago, I bought an online coupon for $20 worth of activities at the Hickory Falls Family Entertainment Center out on Route 194. Then I completely forgot about it.

A few weeks ago, I got a reminder that the coupon expired soon – it was one of those 50 percent off deals – so I let my daughter know we had to go there soon. As you can expect, she didn’t mind taking one for the team.

Things eventually got down to the wire, and we went one day before the expiration date. The original plan called for some mini golf, but it was overcast and occasionally drizzly. So we opted for laser tag. Great. Stinking. Choice.

For $12 a person, you get to play four six-minute games in the indoor laser tag arena. They advertise a 40-minute session, which is accurate, but that includes the orientation video, getting into the equipment and going over the playing area. I think you get good value for your money.

Games go off about every 45 minutes so, after you sign the waiver and pay your money, you just wait your turn. Then the fun begins. They split us into two teams – we were with three guys in their 20s, their Mom and grandmother – before playing. You have to shoot the targets on the other team. No one “dies,” though. You get to play all six minutes and the sensors tally points for how many times you shot the other team.

Our team got killed mainly because we teamed up with Mom and grandma against three guys who seemed to have experience shooting things before. I bet they don’t get deer as easily as they got me that day.

That didn’t diminish the fun. You even get a printout to tell you how many people you shot in each game (and how often they shot you). We definitely plan on going back again.

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