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First Try: Hanover Hub

August 7, 2013 | Comment

I visited the Hub a couple of Fridays ago for lunch. Some people try to avoid new places until they have all the kinks worked out, but I didn’t want to take that approach this time. I had a half-day at work and swung by for a sandwich right at noon.

That may have been a mistake. This is not a negative commentary at all. The place had been open for a couple of weeks and gained lots of positive attention so they had a decent crowd. Unfortunately for me, the folks in front of me had a group of eight mixed between adults and kids. No one knew what they wanted. They all fanned out and blocked the counter. They debated the merits of avacado on a sandwich. I just wanted to order.

I had to wait a bit, but don’t really blame the owners. This group should have realized they had people waiting behind them (it wasn’t just me). Once they took their 10 minutes to order, I knew what I wanted, placed my order and hung out since I ordered my food to go.

I really liked the atmosphere of the inside. They had a lot of families with young kids, which made things a bit chaotic (hint to parents: if you tell your 3-year-old to stop running, put him down and turn your back, he’sagonna run some more), but I survived. They had a really comfy couch, and I liked the decor with black-and-white photos of downtown. Dylan, the owner, was really attentive to me as I waited, making sure I wasn’t being put out. I appreciated that.

My food didn’t take that long considering they pretty much had a full house. Some guys in shirts and ties and some other folks just getting together for lunch complemented the families there. I got the smothered chicken sandwich and fries. The verdict? Good, but I learned what to do for the next time. I like some sort of sauce on my sandwich so I would definitely ask for barbecue on the side.

But the sandwich was a good size, and I really liked the fries. For the price (around $6.50), I think I got a good deal. They have a really simple and basic menu that everyone should enjoy, but I do hope they start adding specials and new sandwiches as time goes by.

I really like this addition to downtown. I hope to come by more often. They already have a couple of music events scheduled for the back room (a hidden gem), which is a really nice addition.

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