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First Try: Genova’s

August 16, 2012 | Comment

I’ll catch up on this excursion from a few weeks ago – we got pizza there on the evening of Dutch Days – in an attempt to lighten things up a little bit here.

I certainly knew of Genova’s because of my Maryland commute. The signs aren’t everywhere, but the strategic reminders that their Maryland stores deliver to PA made it clear that Genova’s has a following. I brought them up to some transplants (I act as if I didn’t move here from Maryland 20 years ago) and got a firm endorsement.

Dutch Days seemed perfect since we had pretty much no motivation after the long day spent working (my wife) and yard saling/walking around (my daughter and I). Pizza fit the bill for a quick dinner so I suggested giving the new Genova’s at Grandview Plaza a try.

The verdict: this place is a keeper. The pizza did not blow me away, but I really liked it and would definitely try again. Our pizza loyalties don’t remain completely static. We do have a partiality toward Alfredo’s at Hanover Crossing, but also enjoy Little Caesar’s and Sal’s. In reality, we make pizza at home more often than we dine out or get delivery so Genova’s could be an option for those nights we really don’t feel like making anything.

Let me take a break here and pour one out for Alex’s Pizza on the square. Though I didn’t go there unless I had to for a meeting because of a long-held grudge (you treat me like you don’t need my business, and I won’t forget it for a long time), it’s hard to deny how important a place like Alex’s is to the fabric of downtown. I really hope someone steps in and opens their own pizza joint.

Anyways, even though I only picked up a pizza at the front desk, I thought the interior looked really nice and hope to maybe give a sit-down meal there a try sometime in the future.

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