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Downtown Friday Night

February 3, 2014 | 1 Comment

The whole plan looks modest, but it meant a lot to me. My wide had other plans in mind so I struck out on my own last Friday night.

20140203-082921.jpgFirst, I hit up the Hanover Hub to see the Steel City Improv troupe perform. The back room in the McAlister Hotel was the perfect size for an event like this, and the $5 admission made it a no brainer.

They drew a pretty decent crowd, including a lot of high school and college age folks. The show ran a little more than an hour, and the folks from Pittsburgh put on a fun show working just off one suggestion from the audience.

After the comedy ended, I walked down to the K of C to enjoy an adult beverage or two. Then I headed back toward the square for some late- night gaming at Timeline Arcade.

That ended up being a fun way to cap off the night. There was a small crowd in there when I left after 11. I really enjoyed seeing folks come in for a little DDR or pinball.


Hopefully things like this get some more activity downtown. I never felt unsafe and had a few options besides the ones I chose. I could have headed to the Winner’s Circle for a nightcap, but was wiped.

With a few more options – say a pizza place that serves beer in the old Alex’s or a coffee shop that stays open late near the square – and downtown could thrive.

So give it a shot when you see an event advertised downtown. Don’t skip it or head there and go right home. Good things come in threes, especially downtown.


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  1. That’s the little things in Hanover that people don’t get. Constantly hear, “there’s nothing to do”, but there is, if you take a second and know the area a little. The Hub is a great little place, but I’d love to see a little coffee shop/brew pub or something of the like in the old Alex’s.

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