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Council Agenda for April

April 21, 2015 | Comment

The council agenda and staff reports for April are now at the borough website. Remember, folks, this is the first meeting since the water fiasco that was announced conveniently after the last council meeting took place. If you are upset about that issue, show up and let them know.

Other items of note:

  • The amusement tax will be repealed, effective for this year. Finally! Add this to the children’s library and nature trail as incidents when borough leadership swore they were doing the right thing, but now they have to reverse course because they realize they were completely wrong.
  • Bonds will be reissued to save close to a million dollars. I bet that money is already spoken for via unbudgeted expenses like the Tanger building, which took up 12 days of borough employee labor this month. But it won’t cost us anything!
  • The borough manager’s “report” actually has a little bit of a report instead of just her re-stating agenda items. Maybe the heat is getting to her because I don’t remember seeing this kind of extensive report before.
  • The rec commission is getting a couple of new members (full disclosure – my wife is the school board rep to this group and helped recruit one of the two).

I’m planning on being there.


Reports – April

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