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Communication is Key

August 2, 2012 | Comment

When Al Moyer arrived to lead Hanover schools, I felt a jolt of enthusiasm. I think a lot of people involved in the district did. At that time, my wife and I volunteered a lot for the Hanover Street PTO.

Al said he wanted to restore pride in the district. He wanted people to combat the negative perception of Hanover. He wanted smiles and positivity.

How’s that working out now?

In the early days of his contract, my wife joined the Key Communicators’ Network (or something like that) since she was a PTO officer. Meetings happened sporadically with people from around the district and the community getting together to discuss future plans for the district.

By looking at the school board minutes, this group does still meet and actually got together in April. How much do you want to bet that a massive administrative overhaul and massive changes in the music and drama programs never came up in that discussion?

I’m not in that room, but since the school board seems to be in a mode that discourages any dissension, I’m guessing they are just blowing smoke with the planned party at the stadium to showcase successes points within the district instead of really taking the pulse of key groups within the district.

Every thing that has upset people in the district has one common thread – poor communication. The “proposal” for changing music and drama was announced at a board meeting because people got wind of it through the grapevine and showed up to ask questions. The administrative changes have trickled out with no apparent organized plan. Now the inability to set the ground rules and deal with the media in a mature manner at the Samuelson hearing.

So maybe they need to open up the lines of communication with people outside their circle BEFORE they make decisions. I don’t really see it happening as the incident with the news crew indicates to me that they are digging their heels in further in the face of anyone who doesn’t simply accept their thinking, but we all can hope, right?

in the meantime, go to meetings, write e-mails, volunteer for school activities and, if you’re really nuts, start thinking about running for the board next year. Because the last thing Lindy Lingg wants is someone sitting next to her saying, “you know what, the camera should be in here.”

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