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Chalk It Up to Love

May 11, 2012 | Comment

“I think there’s something very romantic about people deciding to be in love with their own small town.” – Leslie Knope

What I consider the best show on television – Parks and Recreation closed out its fourth season last night. The quote above did not come from this episode, but from an earlier one. Regardless, I just love the way Leslie Knope feels about Pawnee, Ind. I don’t have that same passion – no one does – but with the spring looming, the quote makes sense to so many of us in Hanover.

For me, tomorrow kind of kicks off the big season for local fun. The second annual Chalk It Up event will fill downtown with all kinds of fun art which (weather permitting) will stick around for a while. The day does nothing more than give people an excuse to come downtown and enjoy themselves.

But those who take part shouldn’t limit themselves to creativity. Get a bite to eat downtown. Go shopping. Stop by the show at the Hanover Area Arts Guild. Just walk around and see what’s new since the last time you visited. You don’t necessarily have to fall in love with the place, but show it some love.

As for me, I’m volunteering for a while to give Main Street Hanover a hand. You don’t want to see me draw. Trust me.

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