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Celebrating One Year

September 3, 2012 | 1 Comment

I started this blog one year ago today with a simple purpose – I wanted to provide a supportive, yet critical, look at life in Hanover. Some events 12 months ago had dredged up the tired “there’s nothing to do in Hanover” mantra, and I got upset.

Hanover has a ton to offer, but a long way to go. That goes for the downtown business district, the school district, local service organizations and the municipal government. It also applies to all of us.

In the past 366 days, we have seen the school district face some serious challenges, watched as people started to rally to save the downtown theatre, taken part (if you were smart) in a process to define some measure of success for downtown’s future, and observed long-time businesses close and new ones open up.

The challenges remain the same. We all need to work together to provide fertile ground for the businesses and organizations which will make Hanover thrive while supporting and promoting the ones that we already have. Let’s make a pledge – no more negativity. That doesn’t mean we can’t point out the problems. that just means when you see a problem, think of a solution.

Whenever people tell me that Hanover doesn’t have something they want, I can almost always point out where they are wrong. Then they tell me that nobody knows about these businesses and events and lay the blame at the feet of the newspaper or the organizers for not getting the word out.

Personally, I think that’s all bunk, but it just makes me want to do my part to let people know that we have great places to eat, interesting places to shop, diverse places to hear music and a fun little arts and theatre scene. Hanover has much more than an old connection to the Civil War to interest folks. Let’s remember that as the town’s 250th anniversary looms.

I want to use this blog and the connected Facebook group (thanks to all who have “Liked” that page) to share the good and work out how we can change the bad. Once again, I don’t promise to have the answers. I just want people to realize they aren’t the only ones here who like living in this community and want to bring people together for the community’s sake, not for selfish reasons.

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  1. Nice piece Brian. Now all we need are a whole bunch of Brian clones to maintain the Hanover cheer-leading effort throughout the year. When people get involved good stuff happens.

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