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Woerner’s Folly

The race for the 169th District State House has started to heat up. We answered four phone surveys last week and a couple of mailers. One of the mailers made me chuckle.

I questioned Marc Woerner’s candidacy from the start. Then I read his flyer and just had to laugh. He claims he’ll make the hard choices. He claims he shows leadership by making unpopular decisions (a concept which just flummoxes me – leadership isn’t about pissing people off to stand for what you believe in). He promises not to take all kinds of perks available to lawmakers.

Considering he was only one of two West Manheim Township supervisors to have the township keep paying for his health insurance, I guess he doesn’t need any more freebies. I mean, it’s pretty comical to say you won’t take a taxpayer funded pension when you are taking a taxpayer funded healthcare plan. I am pretty sure he still takes it, but correct me if I am wrong. Of course, he loses it if he wins this election, but it’s still kind of bizarre to have such inconsistency. Supervisor isn’t a full time job. You shouldn’t get benefits for it.

It’s unconscionable to me to consider this guy for state House. Not only is he directly contradicting what he claims in all his campaign stuff, but he pretends that voting to take the health insurance that the other supervisors realized was a bad policy is some sort of courageous moral stand. I wasn’t thinking about voting for him in the first place, but wanted to look this stuff up when I saw the flyer because I was pretty sure he was one of the ones taking it. At one point, he was the only surpervisor who voted against getting rid of the benefit Despite drafting an ordinance to do so, the move ended up failing.

I can’t believe he would do all this stuff when all it takes is a memory of the insurance issue in West Manny and access to Google to find this stuff out. But if you call dibs on being the most conservative and say the right buzzwords, I guess actual votes and actions from the past don’t count, right?

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