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Getting to Know the Black Rose Rollers

Part of the reason I started this blog was to share the things I loved about Hanover and to learn about new events, activities and traditions from other. The community has so many great things that fall between the cracks for so many people.

The Black Rose Rollers fall into that category for me. I know about them (and may even know some people on the team), but have never really delved that deeply into what they do. I remember roller derby from television growing up, but know what the BRR do is real sport and not some show for folks with insomnia. I just haven’t taken the time to check them out.

Thankfully, Aumen Media produced a short documentary on the team. I strongly recommend taking five minutes to give it a watch.

All it takes is a quick surf around the BRR website or Facebook page to see that this is more than just a lark for these ladies. They have an incredible commitment to their sport and a desire to use that sport to help the community. These are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends. In fact, tonight they have a fundraiser to help a team member’s young son who is fighting leukemia. The group has really stepped up to help one of their own in need.

The Rollers don’t have any games scheduled right now, but found out this week that they have gained full membership in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, the international governing body for the sport. This comes after a year as an apprentice member so they definitely are going places.

I don’t fully know what this means in terms of roller derby, but I do like seeing a local organization gain a stronger foothold in their community. I’ll have to try harder to go out and support the ladies in 2013.

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School Board Meeting Tonight

I have another event to attend tonight so won’t make it to the Hanover school board meeting. The agenda looks relatively straight forward with a Superintendent’s Report filled with items about state standards and strategic planning as well as information on high school internships and other experiences from older students. I would love to hear about those.

But I found something which might seem a little more mundane further down the agenda pretty interesting. The board will apparently vote tonight to go with just one head track coach this spring, turning one of the other ones (they previously had one head coach each for boys and girls) into an assistant coach slot.

I like this focus on cost savings. I know the money saved won’t be much, but the concept of trying to consolidate where possible makes perfect sense. I appreciate the administration recognizing when they can cut costs.

My only real concern is that this does not get set in stone in case the track team draws a large number of athletes. I hope they leave some wriggle room to make an adjustment in the spring if needed. If they can keep a good ration of athletes to coaches and save a few bucks in the process, that’s the best-case scenario.


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Hanover’s Brown Near All-American Status

While we are sweltering here in Hanover, one of our own is working up a different kind of sweat in North Dakota.

Hanover’s Ian Brown, who finished fourth at the PIAA Class AA Championships back in March, has worked his way unto the top 15 at 126 at the Cadet National Freestyle Wrestling Tournament in Fargo. The Cadet level is for wrestlers 16 and under.

Like many sports, wrestling has tons of “national” championships which people can claim, but this is one of the big ones. The only more prestigious title for a high schooler is the Junior Nationals, which is for all high school grades.

As I wrote this, Ian is 4-1 and is among 15 wrestlers still alive at his weight. The top eight are All-Americans. His weight started with 76 competitors so he’s already done really well.

Outside of Hanover, two other “area” wrestlers have won All-American awards. Joe Hurda from Biglerville got one in Cadet Greco-Roman while Fairfield’s Nicole Small hit the podium in Women’s Freestyle. Each finished fourth.

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