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Busy Weekend

This weekend has plenty of activities for pretty much everyone. Here are a few – share your others in the comments or on the LIH Facebook page.

  • Hanover High School presents ‘Dracula‘ in a special intimate setting with only 150-200 seats available for each performance.
  • The Hanover Area Historical Society will host a special Halloween event this weekend in conjunction with Emmanual UCC on Broadway. Ghost tours of Hanover will start at the Neas House on 6 p.m. on Friday, Saturday and Sunday. The tours, led by Richard Gladfelter,  will conclude at Emmanuel UCC for stories told by Henry McLin and ghostly music by Don Horneff on the organ (Friday and Saturday only). The event is free, but a donation of $5.00 per person is requested.
  • This weekend is the third anniversary for the Carriage House Market. Stop in for all kinds of great specials.
  • Timeline Arcade will have special fun for those who show up to play games in costume on Saturday.

What else is happening in Hanover?

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Parade Rescue

When I heard the Jaycees might have to cancel the Halloween parade because of lack of manpower, I knew it wouldn’t happen.

I knew they had low numbers and knew they couldn’t do it on their own anymore, but I also knew that plenty of people would step up and keep the tradition alive. That’s what happens in Hanover.

And that’s what happened last night when about 20 people gathered in the Jaycees meeting room on York Street to begin the mad rush to make sure this year’s parade goes off without a hitch and that the future gains more solid footing.

The meeting had a great exchange of ideas and featured people from many different backgrounds, including some former Jaycees who seemed to feel like they pretty much had an obligation to help.

But even while we divvied up most of the duties last night and left with a feeling of enthusiasm, a lot of work still remains. So if you want to help, let the Jaycees know. If you want to sponsor something or make a donation, that always helps and information will be available soon. If you feel like you can give even a little assistance, don’t sit back and wait for someone to ask.

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We Are Not Alone

I love tomorrow. Not Tuesday in general, but the Tuesday when Hanover has Trick or Treat. This night is simultaneously the best Halloween experience ever and the sign that Hanoverians hate the holiday and despise anyone who didn’t grow up in Hanover because the local community has the gall to create its own traditions instead of polling new residents for what they used to do and simply doing that so they never, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever, ever have to experience change.

That’s what generates the whining about Trick or Treat being on a Tuesday and lame jokes about when we celebrate other holidays. Because God forbid Trick or Treat have its own place in a week-long celebration of Halloween. (And before anyone asks, I moved here in 1992 and have learned to deal with this little quirk of Hanover life.)

My favorite part of all this is the usual stomping of feet about how Hanover is so weird because of its Halloween festivities. You know why I like that part so much? It’s a total and utter lie.

Many communities in the Midwest, particularly in Ohio and Iowa, have a tradition called Beggars’ Night, which is the equivalent of Trick or Treat. This doesn’t always take place on the 31st. In fact, Hanover has a really stable way of choosing Trick or Treat through its relation to the parade while Beggars’ Night is often tied to a weekend close to Halloween.

So if anyone gives you grief about Trick or Treat tomorrow night, let them know that Hanover is no different than Akron, Ohio or Des Moines, Iowa or a bunch of other communities.

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