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My Evening Sun Memories

The Evening Sun is embarking on a project to commemorate the newspaper’s 100th anniversary. I don’t know what all is planned, but I am looking forward to it.

Let me just get it out there – while I can easily admit the newspaper’s faults, I will also defend it most of the time. Working at a small-town newspaper is an animal most people cannot comprehend. The decisions will never be perfect, but they are never made out of malice. That is something I will never believe because I have made those decisions and know the people who do make those decisions, and they are good people working at a thankless job. The paper isn’t perfect, but people have no idea what kind of talent has come through this town and continues to work to cover the news. Just so we’re clear.

That is the place I started my career. It’s the place I met my wife and some of my closest friends. It’s where I grew up in so many ways. So as they mark 100 years of covering Hanover’s news with a look back at significant moments and important people, I’ll share some of my stories from time to time. Names may occasionally be left out to protect the guilty because it’s more about the spirit of the craziness or the job than the details of who did what. But I will name names.

Like the time my good friend Mike Hoover called into the newsroom when I was working in sports. I honestly can’t remember if I answered the phone or someone else did, but I clearly remember what was going on.

He saw lights from his front porch. Lights at the old Antonio’s. Lights at the place that we had heard was being turned into some kind of cool bar. Since he lives just a few blocks away, he was going to see what was happening.

That’s how we found KClinger’s on one of its first nights open. He called back with giddy stories of bottles of beer upon bottles of beer. We had to come over. The owners were really cool. I am pretty sure I did that first night and for a bunch of other nights after that.

KClinger’s certainly had more loyal and passionate fans, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t really love the place. Within a few years of their opening, I had a kid and started to work down in Baltimore, making my time available to go out drinking much more limited. I remember getting samples of  pumpkin beer long before it became a fad. I remember the wall-to-wall people for the Tyson-Holyfield fight. I remember John Clinger adding a sandwich to the menu after I told him about a great meal I had on vacation.

And all that happened because a friend and co-worker used his reporting instincts to check what those lights meant.


First Try: Hanover Hub

I visited the Hub a couple of Fridays ago for lunch. Some people try to avoid new places until they have all the kinks worked out, but I didn’t want to take that approach this time. I had a half-day at work and swung by for a sandwich right at noon.

That may have been a mistake. This is not a negative commentary at all. The place had been open for a couple of weeks and gained lots of positive attention so they had a decent crowd. Unfortunately for me, the folks in front of me had a group of eight mixed between adults and kids. No one knew what they wanted. They all fanned out and blocked the counter. They debated the merits of avacado on a sandwich. I just wanted to order.

I had to wait a bit, but don’t really blame the owners. This group should have realized they had people waiting behind them (it wasn’t just me). Once they took their 10 minutes to order, I knew what I wanted, placed my order and hung out since I ordered my food to go.

I really liked the atmosphere of the inside. They had a lot of families with young kids, which made things a bit chaotic (hint to parents: if you tell your 3-year-old to stop running, put him down and turn your back, he’sagonna run some more), but I survived. They had a really comfy couch, and I liked the decor with black-and-white photos of downtown. Dylan, the owner, was really attentive to me as I waited, making sure I wasn’t being put out. I appreciated that.

My food didn’t take that long considering they pretty much had a full house. Some guys in shirts and ties and some other folks just getting together for lunch complemented the families there. I got the smothered chicken sandwich and fries. The verdict? Good, but I learned what to do for the next time. I like some sort of sauce on my sandwich so I would definitely ask for barbecue on the side.

But the sandwich was a good size, and I really liked the fries. For the price (around $6.50), I think I got a good deal. They have a really simple and basic menu that everyone should enjoy, but I do hope they start adding specials and new sandwiches as time goes by.

I really like this addition to downtown. I hope to come by more often. They already have a couple of music events scheduled for the back room (a hidden gem), which is a really nice addition.

A Welcome Reminder

Since I was home alone for a few nights at the beginning of the week, I made a point to plan for dinner downtown. I settled on something simple at the Warehouse Gourmet brewpub since I had recently eaten at the Famous, the Lucky Spot and the Hanover Hub (more on that experience another day).

I walked over to Philadelphia Street last night with images of wings dancing in my head. I hadn’t sampled the pub menu yet so I looked forward to this new experience. Count me in as a fan.

They sell wings by the pound, which means about six wings per pound. The price isn’t cheap (I think they were $9.50), but you get your money’s worth. I had six really meaty wings, baked instead of fried, covered in a fantastic Buffalo sauce. The wings didn’t sit in a pool of sauce (one of my wing pet peeves) and more than provided me with an adequate dinner. I had considered getting something else to eat before the order came, but that thought never entered my mind after I finished.

They didn’t have Passive Agressive Pale Ale (PAPA for short), my favorite Warehouse beer, on tap last night, but the Downtown Brown filled in nicely and went very well with the meal. The pub had a decent crowd throughout the night, and I discovered that I have known the bartender’s family almost since I can remember, which is pretty cool.

As I enjoyed a few beers with a friend, I pointed out that I keep saying I need to come to the Warehouse more often. I hadn’t grabbed a meal or a drink there for more than four months since the last time I said that. Let’s hope I keep that promise this time.


BREAKING NEWS: New restaurant coming downtown

I’m glad I volunteered at Hanover Middle today because if I hadn’t I might not have gone to the Famous downtown for lunch and if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have learned about the Hanover Hub.

That’s the name of the restaurant that will open in the old On the Go Cafe spot on York Street next to the McAlister Hotel in mid-July. I had heard some rumblings about this last week, but finally got the dirt today.

The restaurant will have wraps and burgers and other sandwiches while there will also be a cafe element with fancy coffees and teas. If things happen on schedule, they will be open before Dutch Days.

Downtown needed this news. With the closing of a few places and last week’s revelation that The Reader’s Cafe is for sale, a new shot of life can hopefully get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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Getting Lucky

Every once in a while, I would give the Lucky Spot a try, usually for breakfast. When my wife and daughter would go away on occasion, and I had to stay home, I would go for a long walk and end up feeding my face there.

But we recently had a chance to check out the place – under new ownership – for dinner. I don’t remember the last time I had anything other than breakfast there, but I can say for sure that i will return. In fact, my wife already has.

We went on a Saturday night and had a fantastic meal. In fact, we had several fantastic meals because the portions provided enough leftovers for multiple lunches. I ended up getting three meals out of my fried chicken platter (supplemented by some other leftovers at home) which I ordered because the broaster had broken, but I already had chicken on my mind. The prices were really reasonable, the service was great, and we walked out with big smile son our faces.

The restaurant did not have many other patrons that night, but I wonder if people know that they serve dinner until 8 p.m. on weekends. Hanover has a wonderful selection of diners (something which I always point out to folks in Baltimore who may go to one and marvel), and I hope the Lucky Spot gets the attention it deserves. My wife and a friend had a really nice lunch there a few weeks after our dinner.

I have not been back since, but definitely have it on our list for the future. You should give the place a shot too.

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First Try: Pink Spoon

My descent into full-bore frozen yogurt obsession continued last Saturday when we visited Pink Spoon in the Grandview Plaza shopping center on its opening weekend. We have a friend who manages the store so we wanted to show our support. Plus, frozen yogurt is very good.

In a lot of ways, not much separates Pink Spoon and Sweet Frog. The basic setup is the same, but I’m leaning toward spending more time at the newer joint. And not just because of a friend working there.

First off, a simple addition made the experience pleasant from the start. Pink Spoon had an LCD screen which showed the available flavors of yogurt. At Sweet Frog, you kind of have to crane your neck through the people already standing at the machines to see what they have to offer that particular day. A small difference, but one I appreciated.

Something else I like, even though I probably won’t take advantage of it, is that the toppings include breakfast cereals. So if you want Cap’n Crunch on your yogurt, the south of Hanover is where you should go.

Lastly, I simply liked the seating area better. Pink Spoon doesn’t have as much seating as Sweet Frog. That can count as a negative because Sweet Frog has been packed a number of times lately, and if the new competitor does as well, it might need more places to sit. But I just liked the feel of Pink Spoon better. Maybe it was the changing colors of one of the signs or the slideshow on yet another LCD screen.

But in terms of yogurt, I don’t think you can go wrong with either location. Definitely give both a try.

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Pink Spoon Yogurt Coming

Because of the nasty weather this morning, I treated myself to a Starbucks coffee for my commute to Baltimore. I usually go back roads down to work, but didn’t want to chance it with the freezing rain. So that made it convenient to go by the Starbucks on Route 94 as I headed south.

I noticed something interesting as I headed to the drive-through window – a new business will open up soon next to the coffee shop. Pink Spoon Yogurt, which seems like a locally-owned business from what I can tell from a quick online search.

The Grand Opening is planned for March 1, according to their active Facebook and Twitter profiles. They have run a couple of online contests to prepare people for the opening.

I have started to re-consider my opinion of Sweet Frog, the yogurt place out by Target, so am excited about trying this new place out to see how the competition stacks up. That’s one of those things that happens when you have a 12-year-old in the house.

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First Try: Little Everett’s BBQ

A friend highly suggested the new Elm Avenue joint back in December, but I didn’t get a chance to go until recently. I officiated a wrestling match at Delone Catholic and knew I could refuel right down the street at Little Everett’s BBQ.

Even though I chose carryout for my meal, I really liked the inside of the restaurant. They have a small amount of room in the front where you order and a larger dining area in the back. I didn’t really know what to expect when I arrived.

I went for the Little Boy pulled pork sandwich with fries. The quarter-pound sandwich goes for $6 on its own with fries selling for $3. I may have gotten some sort of combo for a better price, but I forget.

What i do remember is how much I liked my meal. The sandwich held a generous amount of meat, and I cannot recommend the fries enough. I couldn’t eat all of them, and my wife and daughter concurred with my positive reviews of the fries.

I have also heard solid recommendations for many of the other items on the menu, and figure that the catering service provides the same quality experience. I already have designs on going back to try the wings and baby back ribs (probably not at the same time, but you never know).

Just because Little Everett’s might sit a little out of some people’s usual driving routine (it’s between Delone and Magic Elm Skateland), don’t miss out on the chance to give them a try.

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First Try: Moon’s Cafe

I had plans on Saturday morning with some of my fellow Lion’s Club members to raise money for the Red Cross at the Hanover market, but arrived a little earlier than necessary. I didn’t want to buy anything since it would have to sit in the car for a few hours so opted to get a breakfast sandwich at Moon’s Cafe, the small counter right as you enter from the Chestnut Street entrance.

I grabbed an egg sandwich with sausage and a coffee. The whole thing ran me $4, which was well worth it. They made the egg right there, and the coffee was a decent size. I also got a free cup of water when I realized a fresh cup of coffee would not work with a freshly-made hot sandwich.

None of this really shatters any barriers, but I really had an enjoyable breakfast. The counter (and Moon’s salad stand right next to it) were manned by high school/college age students who looked like they enjoyed their jobs. Given the hours of the market on Saturday, I commend them.

I don’t always think of sitting down for breakfast when I go to market, usually because I have already eaten before I head out shopping, but this impromptu decision has changed my outlook on this. I will definitely give Moon’s cafe another try.

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Weekend Odds and Ends

  • Anyone going to football games tonight? I freelance for the York Daily Record this time of year and love it. I’ll be at Susquehannock.
  • Since it’s a holiday weekend, many people probably have grilling on their schedule. Do yourself a favor and get your meat at Hanover’s market or the Carriage House Market.
  • I am up in the air on the Chili Cookoff. If we’re around, I will probably walk up and check it out, but have no idea if some family event will pop up out of town at the last minute.
  • Things I need to write about coming up – the Evening Sun/WGAL town meeting, the Friends of the State Theatre meet and greet next weekend, adding places to the Lunch page, starting other similar pages for music and other local attractions, write a special thing I have been holding onto for a few weeks (A LIVING IN HANOVER EXCLUSIVE!) and maybe unveil the first piece of Living in Hanover merchandise.
  • Do you like fun? (of course you do) The Hanover Little Theatre will kick off its season on Sept. 13. Visit to learn more and buy tickets. “Nunsense” is the opening show directed by Jim Watson. I’ll write more about that before opening night.

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