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First Try: Timeline Arcade




I had heard about this place, but didn’t realize the breadth of its awesomeness until I went to the mall on Sunday. I needed to swing by Radio Shack for something and also wanted to check out the sale at JC Penney. As I stepped out of the latter, I saw the arcade and stopped in my tracks.

In my head, I saw the old arcade down by Knobloch’s with a few old games and lots of those new multi-player games. Boy, was I wrong. I played Donkey Kong (albeit on one of those multi-game machines), Centipede and that shuffle bowling game with the disk you slide to try to hit the metal things. We played that for hours at one of our favorite bars in college. Maybe they couuld add a bar at the arcade.

That would be the kiss of death. I don’t know how much I like the system where you buy credits on a card instead of using coins, but that’s mainly because I didn’t feel like playing all the credits I bought and will probably lose the card before I go again if I haven’t already. Oh, and I didn’t see a swipe thing on the Qbert game, but didn’t look that hard so gave up and played Donkey Kong.

But those are really my problems more than those of the arcade. Maybe I just need to go there a lot more to work out those kinks. Yeah, that’s the best solution according to the 12-year-old who controls my brain.

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New Year’s To-Do List

I loved 2011 and plan to love 2012 just as much. Between the complaining about municipal decisions, I try to do as much as I can to experience all Hanover has to offer. Make Hanover special in your own way a little bit each day by simply discovering the wonderful things Hanover already has to offer. Here’s a list of things to think about for 2012. Feel free to reply to the comments with your own suggestions. Happy New year!

  • Eat at a locally-owned restaurant at least once a month
  • Write a Letter to the Editor
  • Join the Hanover Area Historical Society and/of the Friends of the Library
  • Go see a play at Hanover Little Theatre
  • Enjoy a concert at the Eichelberger Performing Arts Center
  • Go see a local high school sporting event
  • Start your day with breakfast at a fundraiser
  • Buy the presents you need from downtown merchants
  • Grab lunch or dinner from a roadside chicken barbecue fundraiser
  • Donate some food to the Provide A Lunch program (or any group which feeds the needy)
  • Do as much of your grocery shopping as possible at the Hanover Farmer’s Market on Saturday morning
  • Take in one of the high school spring musicals
  • Walk around downtown at least once a month
  • Listen to live music – you’d be surprised how many places offer this around town, especially when you consider how many concerts are sponsored by local churches
  • Borrow a book from the library
  • Stroll through one of the antique/collectible markets to find a special gift, even if it’s for yourself
  • Spend a day at Codorus State Park
  • Volunteer – at a school, at a local non-profit, for a church group or fraternal organization


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Shakespeare in Hanover

Shakespeare. The mere mention of the name can really frighten some people. If you fit that description, you need to make plans to visit the Hanover Little Theatre sometime over the next two weeks.

Hanover Community Players will perform “The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (Abridged)” beginning this Thursday, Nov. 10. Other shows take place Nov. 11-13 and Nov. 18-20. All shows, except for the 2 p.m. matinee on Sunday, Nov. 13, begin at 8 p.m. Tickets are $11 with a discount for seniors and students. You can buy them downtown at Reader’s Cafe, on the theatre’s web site or at the door … unless the shows sell out beforehand. As a bonus, the opening night show features a reception afterwards catered by On the Go Cafe.

Hanover has tons of great events like this – remember that the people who say there is nothing to do around town for adults or teens is full of it – but this one hits close to home. I have acted in two plays at the theatre and am working back stage on this one. I have a lot of bias, but believe I’m being completely honest when I say that anyone who attends this show will have a good time.

Come and give the theatre a try. It’s two hours of entertainment for $11 a person (or less). If this doesn’t float your boat, find another theatre or concert or something where you can support local performers. The area has a ton of great artistic outlets. Don’t miss out.

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Missed Opportunities

The other night, I had to drive through Codorus State Park on the way to cover a high school football game. As I entered the park, I noticed just a few cars in that first parking lot. This was Saturday around dinner time, so there weren’t too many people because of the earlier rain.

Driving by, I noticed a person simply sitting on the bench reading a book. That made think of how little I have visited the park in the almost 20 years since I moved to Hanover. I have plenty of good places to read a book, but never think of doing that at the park, much less hike or any of the other things you can do to kill a day there.

I might have to change that this fall and next year. That place is too cool for me to never use it.

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