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Friday Fun

I like to laugh so heading out to support the first Standup Comedy night at The Sound Room on Broadway last Friday was a no brainer. I ended up turning the excursion into an exploration of some of my favorite downtown places.

The night started with a beer at Something Wicked. My friend Macy served me a great beer and fellow First Ward Councilman Gerry Funke also stopped in for a drink – don’t worry, that didn’t violate the Sunshine Law!

I headed to The Sound Room next and found the room mostly filled with 15 minutes before the starting time, a great sight to see. My friend Jenn, her son Ben and a friend of theirs also came by. I also saw Diana and her husband, Dan. By the time the first comic took the stage, the room was filled with around 40-some people. Shannon Lanier, the owner of the venue, even had to bring in some extra chairs.

I had a great time, especially considering the $3 cover charge. A guy named Kevin took on the challenge of the Open Mic and had some really good material for his first time doing standup. My friend Beau Bowden put on a nice set and Kayla Ruth had the room laughing for most of her set. Robbie Soto, the booker for the show, closed out with some of his material.

I really look forward to watching this event grow. I especially like their goal of having Improv Night, which I will hopefully be involved with through the improv project I am leading at Hanover Little Theatre. They had a young crowd there which can only benefit downtown Hanover in the long run.

The only real option after the show was to go to Miscreation, so we did that and had a drink., Naturally, I ran into several people I knew. I finished my second drink at the bar and talked with Mark Mathias, one of the owners. They still had a good crowd around 10 p.m., but I decided to head home.

Well, that is until I remembered that I had not been to Timeline Arcade in a while. I had no problem deciding to change that fact and played a bunch of games before heading home.

Don’t miss out on fun opportunities like this. There are Open Mics and other options around town more than you think. Come support Hanover’s talent and grab a bite to eat and a drink while you’re at it.

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My Evening Sun Memories

The Evening Sun is embarking on a project to commemorate the newspaper’s 100th anniversary. I don’t know what all is planned, but I am looking forward to it.

Let me just get it out there – while I can easily admit the newspaper’s faults, I will also defend it most of the time. Working at a small-town newspaper is an animal most people cannot comprehend. The decisions will never be perfect, but they are never made out of malice. That is something I will never believe because I have made those decisions and know the people who do make those decisions, and they are good people working at a thankless job. The paper isn’t perfect, but people have no idea what kind of talent has come through this town and continues to work to cover the news. Just so we’re clear.

That is the place I started my career. It’s the place I met my wife and some of my closest friends. It’s where I grew up in so many ways. So as they mark 100 years of covering Hanover’s news with a look back at significant moments and important people, I’ll share some of my stories from time to time. Names may occasionally be left out to protect the guilty because it’s more about the spirit of the craziness or the job than the details of who did what. But I will name names.

Like the time my good friend Mike Hoover called into the newsroom when I was working in sports. I honestly can’t remember if I answered the phone or someone else did, but I clearly remember what was going on.

He saw lights from his front porch. Lights at the old Antonio’s. Lights at the place that we had heard was being turned into some kind of cool bar. Since he lives just a few blocks away, he was going to see what was happening.

That’s how we found KClinger’s on one of its first nights open. He called back with giddy stories of bottles of beer upon bottles of beer. We had to come over. The owners were really cool. I am pretty sure I did that first night and for a bunch of other nights after that.

KClinger’s certainly had more loyal and passionate fans, but that doesn’t mean I didn’t really love the place. Within a few years of their opening, I had a kid and started to work down in Baltimore, making my time available to go out drinking much more limited. I remember getting samples of  pumpkin beer long before it became a fad. I remember the wall-to-wall people for the Tyson-Holyfield fight. I remember John Clinger adding a sandwich to the menu after I told him about a great meal I had on vacation.

And all that happened because a friend and co-worker used his reporting instincts to check what those lights meant.


Pick Your Poison This Saturday

The newspaper had a Facebook post yesterday that invited readers to finish the sentence “I wish Hanover and Adams County had (blank).”

I found some of the comments amusing – especially the ones calling for a daily newspaper again – but some fell into a category that just made me roll my eyes. Some people either wanted things that just aren’t going to happen, at least anytime soon, like Wegman’s or asked for things that already existed.

I briefly fell into my default mode of complaining about the complainers (and may do more on that later), but then realized that I could put my time to better use. If you are sitting around wondering what Hanover doesn’t have, you are missing all the great things that Hanover does have. This Saturday is an amazing example. (And if I forgot anything, please let me know – I looked around to try and find everything.)

Main Street Hanover will have its annual Chalk It Up event on Center Square beginning at 10 a.m. If you’re not familiar with this, Chalk It Up provides folks with the chance to spruce up a piece of sidewalk around Center Square. This is for adults and kids alike, a simple activity that brings people downtown. There are roaming mascots and other activities, but the main purpose is just to come downtown and have fun.

William Michael Kirby, a Baltimore-based street painter, will join in the fun and provide an educational program at Guthrie Memorial Library-Hanover’s Public Library later in the day TODAY (Thursday) from 4:30 to 5:30 p.m.

If you’re hungry at anytime, just slip down Frederick Street a little bit where the Hanover Lions Club will hold its annual Chicken BBQ. For $8, you get half a chicken, a baked potato, a roll and applesauce. The money goes to support local charities and vision programs. If you can’t make it downtown, there will be meals available at the south end of town by Auchey’s Greenhouse. We’ll be selling from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m.

After you check out the chalk art and grab a bite to eat, head on over to Hanover Middle School where the Hanover Rhinos football team will close out the regular season with a 2 p.m. game. It’s Kids Day for the Rhinos so there will be mascots and other fun surrounding the game. Admission is $5 for adults – kids 14 and under are free.

If you have already registered, the Hanover Athletic Boosters have their golf tournament at Hanover Country Club on Saturday as well.

Then you can rest up for the evening activities. You have two choices, just a stone’s throw from each other. Hanover Valley Presbyterian Church will have its first Open Mic night from 8-11pm at 133 Carlisle Street. They will have coffee and music for anyone interested in joining the fun. They plan on continuing Open Mic nights on the second Saturdays of the month.

Just an aside here, but there is a cool Open Mic culture seeming to grow downtown. Reader’s Café has one tomorrow night (Friday, May 9) and the Hanover Hub has had a bunch, but is on an events hiatus this summer. I haven’t been to any, but I know that they do well, especially with the younger crowd (who apparently has nothing to do if you read the people in the comments on the Facebook post which inspired this post, but I digress).

If an Open Mic is too quiet for your tastes, just head up the street to Timeline Arcade for their Back to the 80s event, which also begins at 8 p.m., but runs until 2 a.m. They will have a DJ and Taco Camino will have food for sale so you can eat, play games and dance all in one place. Tickets are $20, but get you unlimited gaming as well as all the entertainment. There is a discount if you were 80s clothes (oh, I wish I could still fit in my 80s clothes, but that’s another story for another day).

EDIT: There is also a Cabaret at Virgilio’s (on Elm Avenue) on Saturday starting at 8:30! A bunch of talented teens will perform. Tickets are  $5 and there is a $10 food cover. Call the restaurant at 630-9600 for reservations and ask for the cabaret.

And none of this even begins to discuss all the regular things available downtown – the Ron Schloyer Art Show at the Hanover Area Arts Guild, sales downtown for Second Saturday, including the Clark’s Shoe Warehouse Sale, and food at the Hub, the Famous, the Lucky Spot, Reader’s, Warehouse,  Texas Hot Lunch, etc., etc., etc. Plus South Western has its Prom on Saturday.

So my answer to the question the newspaper posed is the same here as it was there – for more people to take advantage of the things that already exist in Hanover and spend less time worrying about what we don’t have.

Sure, there is always room for more (except a bank – God forbid another bank open because that is apparently the worst thing ever, another story for another day again), but let’s not pretend that there is nothing to do. This Saturday is particularly packed, but if you look around hard enough, you will realize that you can easily complain about not being able to do everything instead of finding nothing to do.

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Downtown Friday Night

The whole plan looks modest, but it meant a lot to me. My wide had other plans in mind so I struck out on my own last Friday night.

20140203-082921.jpgFirst, I hit up the Hanover Hub to see the Steel City Improv troupe perform. The back room in the McAlister Hotel was the perfect size for an event like this, and the $5 admission made it a no brainer.

They drew a pretty decent crowd, including a lot of high school and college age folks. The show ran a little more than an hour, and the folks from Pittsburgh put on a fun show working just off one suggestion from the audience.

After the comedy ended, I walked down to the K of C to enjoy an adult beverage or two. Then I headed back toward the square for some late- night gaming at Timeline Arcade.

That ended up being a fun way to cap off the night. There was a small crowd in there when I left after 11. I really enjoyed seeing folks come in for a little DDR or pinball.


Hopefully things like this get some more activity downtown. I never felt unsafe and had a few options besides the ones I chose. I could have headed to the Winner’s Circle for a nightcap, but was wiped.

With a few more options – say a pizza place that serves beer in the old Alex’s or a coffee shop that stays open late near the square – and downtown could thrive.

So give it a shot when you see an event advertised downtown. Don’t skip it or head there and go right home. Good things come in threes, especially downtown.


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First Try: Hanover Hub

I visited the Hub a couple of Fridays ago for lunch. Some people try to avoid new places until they have all the kinks worked out, but I didn’t want to take that approach this time. I had a half-day at work and swung by for a sandwich right at noon.

That may have been a mistake. This is not a negative commentary at all. The place had been open for a couple of weeks and gained lots of positive attention so they had a decent crowd. Unfortunately for me, the folks in front of me had a group of eight mixed between adults and kids. No one knew what they wanted. They all fanned out and blocked the counter. They debated the merits of avacado on a sandwich. I just wanted to order.

I had to wait a bit, but don’t really blame the owners. This group should have realized they had people waiting behind them (it wasn’t just me). Once they took their 10 minutes to order, I knew what I wanted, placed my order and hung out since I ordered my food to go.

I really liked the atmosphere of the inside. They had a lot of families with young kids, which made things a bit chaotic (hint to parents: if you tell your 3-year-old to stop running, put him down and turn your back, he’sagonna run some more), but I survived. They had a really comfy couch, and I liked the decor with black-and-white photos of downtown. Dylan, the owner, was really attentive to me as I waited, making sure I wasn’t being put out. I appreciated that.

My food didn’t take that long considering they pretty much had a full house. Some guys in shirts and ties and some other folks just getting together for lunch complemented the families there. I got the smothered chicken sandwich and fries. The verdict? Good, but I learned what to do for the next time. I like some sort of sauce on my sandwich so I would definitely ask for barbecue on the side.

But the sandwich was a good size, and I really liked the fries. For the price (around $6.50), I think I got a good deal. They have a really simple and basic menu that everyone should enjoy, but I do hope they start adding specials and new sandwiches as time goes by.

I really like this addition to downtown. I hope to come by more often. They already have a couple of music events scheduled for the back room (a hidden gem), which is a really nice addition.

Big Saturday in Hanover

After a week’s pause because of the weather, Chalk It Up comes to downtown Hanover tomorrow. This has really turned into a special yearly event and hopefully gets a lot of people out once again to participate and also stop by a shop or grab lunch. Even if you don’t plan on drawing, make it a point to visit downtown to see the wonderful things people create.

I like how the committee grabbed Michael William Kirby, who does public art and street painting, to lend a special touch to the event. The Baltimore artist already came to town to share his knowledge and expertise with kids in the Hanover Public School District, creating sidewalk drawings at the middle and high schools (sadly driven away by the rain which postponed the main event last week). Additions like this turn the day into more than a chance for people to create their art. I hope the weather holds out so we get another great day.

Even with some recent bad news (Potomac Bead Co. closing particularly), I still think downtown has promise, especially as events like this grow. With Young Manor getting its first tenant and the unveiling of the Electric Map at the Heritage Center later this year, we can hopefully see some more good news in the business district. I just hope people who don’t usually come downtown enjoy themselves and make it a point to come back later to shop at the shoe store or Treasures or Sandy Woods or the Painted Nest or Reader’s Cafe or one of the other great shops I can’t think of off the top of my head. Maybe they could grab a bite to eat this summer at the Famous or the Lucky Spot or Dona Mary’s or Family Stockpot, just to name a few options.

And if you come downtown and don’t feel like exploring any of the food options, the Hanover Lions Club is holding a chicken barbecue down Route 194 at the Friendship Fire Company parking lot. We’ll also have pickup locations in south Hanover (behind Auchey’s) and north of town (in the Big Lots parking lot). The standard meal (half a chicken, baked potato, roll and butter) is $8 and the proceeds allow me and my fellow Lions to serve a lot of people in the community through our projects around town.

Go See ‘The Victim’

Unfortunately, I have plans Saturday night and Sunday afternoon because that means I will miss the two performances of “The Victim” at Hanover High School.

I had a chance to watch some of a rehearsal last night for the show written and directed by HHS senior Zachary Terrazas. Performances take place at 7 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday on 2 p.m. Go see it. Seriously.

My daughter saw the stripped down version performed for Hanover Middle School students a couple of months ago and enjoyed it. Credit goes to the Gettysburg Community Theatre for standing behind the show and finding venues. If you go, besides the fact that you might have a hard-time believing a 17-year-old did this entire thing himself, you will learn an important positive message and see a good show.

Just a side note – the play once again reinforces something I have thought for a long time. This area is incredibly blessed with talented young people. The singing blew me away. These kids will impress you.

The performers give Zach a chance to harness his talents. He seemed in complete charge last night during the rehearsal, providing feedback and encouragement to the actors while also playing his electric piano. He had a great system of letting the other teens know what scene they would rehearse next by saying, “we;re going to do (plays opening notes of the song) and then we’ll do (plays opening notes of another song.” I liked that kind of shorthand for some reason.

But beyond the talent and the fun, the show projects a really important message. We can’t simply equate bullying with teasing anymore. When you hear stories of students harassed constantly in school and online, you have to realize this isn’t just people being too sensitive. Kids need to know that their actions have a consequence and no person deserves to be treated as less than equal. Sometimes people complain that the world has turned too politically correct and no one can take a joke anymore, but what some people criticize as political correctness is simply being a good and caring person.

Shows with student actors have probably passed this message along for years, but when the words, music and direction come from a fellow teen, hopefully the message will have a greater impact. I hope they get a great crowd this weekend and find a way to put on performances in many other schools.

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Getting to Know the Black Rose Rollers

Part of the reason I started this blog was to share the things I loved about Hanover and to learn about new events, activities and traditions from other. The community has so many great things that fall between the cracks for so many people.

The Black Rose Rollers fall into that category for me. I know about them (and may even know some people on the team), but have never really delved that deeply into what they do. I remember roller derby from television growing up, but know what the BRR do is real sport and not some show for folks with insomnia. I just haven’t taken the time to check them out.

Thankfully, Aumen Media produced a short documentary on the team. I strongly recommend taking five minutes to give it a watch.

All it takes is a quick surf around the BRR website or Facebook page to see that this is more than just a lark for these ladies. They have an incredible commitment to their sport and a desire to use that sport to help the community. These are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives and friends. In fact, tonight they have a fundraiser to help a team member’s young son who is fighting leukemia. The group has really stepped up to help one of their own in need.

The Rollers don’t have any games scheduled right now, but found out this week that they have gained full membership in the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association, the international governing body for the sport. This comes after a year as an apprentice member so they definitely are going places.

I don’t fully know what this means in terms of roller derby, but I do like seeing a local organization gain a stronger foothold in their community. I’ll have to try harder to go out and support the ladies in 2013.

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New Market Coming to North Hanover

In six months time, you should have a new shopping choice in the Hanover area. The developers who built The Markets at Shrewsbury have plans for a similar venture on Route 194, by the Gold’s Gym near the Hanover Bowling Centre.

A friend got word to me that a relative had seen the news in a Lancaster agricultural newspaper. Sure enough, I did a little hunting and had no problem finding the ad at the bottom of this page which spelled out the plans.

100,000 square feet under one Roof. Giant Lighted Sign and planned new entrance at the exciting location next to Golds Gym at the end of the Golden Mile on Rt. 194.
Amish Market Vendors, Furniture, Crafts: Deli, Subs & Sandwiches, Meat and Poultry, Bar-B-Que (chicken, ribs, pork), Restaurant, Produce, Bakery, Doughnuts, Bulk Food, Candy, Jarred Goods, Sheds, Outside Furniture, Landscaping, Fencing, Barns, Ponds, Waterfalls…

Room for an Antiqu Mall, Room for a Consignment shop or 2nd time around, office furniture, ALL welcome Artisians, Craft Vendors, Antique Dealers and More!

I assume all of this will go into the large building next to Gold’s, closer to Eisenhower Drive. I can’t for the life of me remember what sits in there now. This sounds like a pretty interesting project, and I always like when someone established makes use of an existing building. The developer says in the ad that this will open in “Spring 2013.” They also have one for the Fort indantown Gap area planned for the following year.

I also heard that Hanover Wesleyan Church has plans for a new facility in the same general area, on land by Hickory Falls Family Entertainment Center. I liked what I heard of this because some of the plans will be open for public use (not that it really matters that much what a church does to me, but it is nice when they can benefit everyone).

So it sounds like the north end of Penn Township has plenty of activity these days. I haven’t noticed any work taking place so will have to pay attention a little closer next time I head out that part of Broadway.

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