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Next Stop: Borough Council

I am happy to announce that I am running for a seat on Hanover Borough Council in the First Ward in the May 19 Republican primary. I am excited to partner with several other like-minded individuals in this election effort.

I strongly believe that the success of Hanover depends on much more than the 10 people sitting behind the council table. My primary goal in running for this seat is to bring transparency, positivity and diversity of opinion to the way the Hanover Borough operates.

Encouraging developments in recent months have proven that Hanover residents and business owners share a common vision of a vibrant downtown that will fuel a dynamic community beyond Center Square and even the borough limits. I hope you will support my First Ward election effort so I can help the borough government play a proactive and constructive role in this exciting time.

Also, I encourage those in other areas of the borough to support Dan Noble (Second Ward), Henry McLin (Third Ward), Scott Angel (Fourth Ward) and James Baumgardner (Fifth Ward) as we work together to benefit the Hanover Borough.

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Overwhelming Evidence

I originally planned to write a post about the nature trail meeting and how I’m sad borough council/administration sat there and threw the poor engineering assistant (and who is he an assistant to since they no longer have a borough engineer?) under the bus and how I’m happy that lots of people are seeing the things I have been talking about for a couple of years now and how I’m proud to see the engagement and thoughtfulness of the community.

But on the way to putting that post together, I did a quick Google search for something and found another item that points to the cluelessness of the people running the borough. I simply Googled the phrase “Hanover Borough.” In the results, I saw a curious entry – a site that looked like it was about the borough police department. I know sometimes spammers will gobble up domains and make sites that look official so I figured that would be the case here.

Nope. You can go to and see a site run by the police department, seemingly independent of the borough web site, much more attractive that the borough web site and at a domain not owned by the borough government. The domain has been alive for more almost seven years. The borough main site does link to it, but they in no way promote that the police has their own site with their own tips and expertise.

Once again, we find an example of how hollow the promise of better communication Barb Krebs made when she was promoted to borough manager really is. And once again, we see that there are examples of outstanding work being done behind the scenes in the borough. They just don’t always get a chance to see the light when big egos block the view.

Kudos to Chief Smith and his department.

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HPSD to Make Superintendent Permanent

The agenda for the Hanover Public School District board meeting Monday is out (well, it was a couple of days ago and I looked at it Saturday, but forgot to post this until now), and it looks like the district will hire Dr. John Scola as its permanent superintendent.

It is recommended that, pursuant to the provisions  of Section 10­1071 et.
seq. of the Public School Code,  the Board approve the election of Dr.
John Scola as Superintendent for a term beginning November 12, 2013, to
June 30, 2018, at an initial salary of $157,000 and with other terms and
conditions as set forth in the Superintendent  Employment Agreement
which the President of the Board is hereby authorized to sign (enclosure).

That’s a bump from the $129,000 that Al Moyer would have received in the first year of the contract he signed before leaving for South Middleton schools, but  it sounds like a great investment. My personal view (not that of an incoming school board member, but just me as a parent and taxpayer) is that Hanover found the right guy. From board members to teachers, I have heard great things about his dealings in many areas.

I met John briefly when I volunteered at an middle school event, and he seemed engaging and very curious about life in hanover. I have seen many good changes recently in the district and think this continues that trend.

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HPSD Agenda Excitement

I shouldn’t be this giddy about seeing the Hanover school agenda appear online the Friday before a meeting. But it is cool to get a peek into what’s coming up at the next meeting. Three things jumped out at me today:

  • The paper had a great story this week on the boys’ soccer team as it worked its way back after not having a squad last year. The article quoted coach Gary Singer about how it all happened. Well, that is now ex-coach Gary Singer. He is resigning, effective today. I wonder what that means for the squad.
  • There is a new job description which will be voted on, Assistant to the Superintendent for Curriculum and Instruction. No real details, but this sounds like a lower-level position to fill some of the work which Pam Smith was doing last year. I’ll be interested in seeing if that’s the case.
  • The last one geeks me up specifically because of my interests. Hanover will hire Kurt Brenner as the new high school wrestling coach after Dave Cataldo took the early retirement package after last school year. In wrestling terms, this is HUGE. Well, unless there is another Kurt Brenner, and this isn’t the former three-time PIAA champ. If that is the guy, Hanover will get a young coach with an outstanding pedigree. Brenner started for four years at West Virginia, wrestling at the same time as Hanover alum Thomas Slaugh. Brenner was nationally ranked most of his time at WVU, but just could not get onto the All-American podium. He has continued to wrestling, hitting the mats at the freestyle US Open earlier this year. I could keep going, but this is a tremendous hire or it’s a cruel joke that someone with the same name as a great wrestler who has a small connection to the Hanover area got the job. I’m hoping for the former.

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Another HPSD Personnel Change

Well, a potential one. A week and a half ago or so, I blogged about the Deans of Students jobs being open at the district. Well, I rescind that news because a nosey peek at the district site today indicates that the dean positions are out and the assistant principal model is back. With one catch.

They are advertising for one assistant principal who will float between the middle and high schools.

I know this is a summer of upheaval – the paper reported on Twitter yesterday that the superintendent search will be pushed back because school starts early this year (Aug. 22) and the board wants to focus on that – but this is interesting news three weeks before school starts. Sharing this responsibility will be hard even though the two schools are so close.

The optimistic part of me hopes that the board already has someone on staff in mind, and they will be able to step into this position seamlessly. The cynic wonders if this will have as many hiccups as last year’s two principals for three elementary schools strategy. Only time will tell.

One other nugget I gleaned from this little fishing expedition: the district has posted the copies of the contracts it has with the unions for teachers and support staff. I love this openness and wish someone, perhaps Hanover Boro could learn a lesson from this.


Hanover Schools Need New Deans

Yeah, I know I haven’t blogged in a while – life gets in the way like I warned when I started this.

Last year when the Hanover schools announced the new Dean of Students positions, the school board said they would re-evaluate the program after the initial year. I had heard that meetings like this took place after school closed six weeks or so ago, but never heard anything concrete.

Well, I discovered today by accident that the positions will remain, but they apparently will be looking for new people to fill them. Cori Robinson was dean at the high school and Michael Terwilliger handled the middle school. I really had no dealings with either so don’t have an opinion either way, but the job listing at the HPSD site indicates there will be new people in those roles for 2013-14.

I won’t be able to make tonight’s meeting, but my corrspondent/school board candidate might head on out.

BREAKING NEWS: Moyer finalist for new job

In what may be one of the worst-kept secrets around town, it’s official that Hanover school superintendent Al Moyer is a finalist for the South Middleton School School District top job.

The Carlisle Sentinel reported last week that Moyer was one of the final two in the running for the job. He faced public questions last week as part of the interview process.

I had heard from several people Al was interviewing for other jobs but this was the first specific news I heard. South Middleton – that’s the district with Boiling Springs High School – is about 600 students bigger than Hanover (2200ish to 1600ish).

SMSD says they want to have a choice by the time the current superintendent retires on June 30 but aren’t tied to that. This certainly makes the summer more interesting in Hanover, especially the already-advertised assistant superintendent job.

BREAKING NEWS: New restaurant coming downtown

I’m glad I volunteered at Hanover Middle today because if I hadn’t I might not have gone to the Famous downtown for lunch and if I hadn’t done that I wouldn’t have learned about the Hanover Hub.

That’s the name of the restaurant that will open in the old On the Go Cafe spot on York Street next to the McAlister Hotel in mid-July. I had heard some rumblings about this last week, but finally got the dirt today.

The restaurant will have wraps and burgers and other sandwiches while there will also be a cafe element with fancy coffees and teas. If things happen on schedule, they will be open before Dutch Days.

Downtown needed this news. With the closing of a few places and last week’s revelation that The Reader’s Cafe is for sale, a new shot of life can hopefully get the ball rolling in the right direction.

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Who’s Running in Hanover?

Yesterday marked the filing deadline for local elections. I would understate things if I called the results disappointing. School boards here, municipalities here.

Only two people filed to run for five open seats on Hanover’s school board. Borough council also saw only two people file for five available seats. Ben Adams will run unopposed for mayor. Penn Township will have folks running unopposed for two commissioner seats. South Western schools will have five unopposed candidates for their board. Manheim Township has two people running for one seat while six folks will run for two seats in West Manheim, not surprising there given they have had plenty of citizen involvement.

When the borough raised taxes, plenty of people complained and threatened action. Yet three wards have no candidate. To be honest, I considered running in the first ward, but already feel I have spread myself thin with other activities. This news means incumbents Heidi Hormel (a good friend and too often the long voice of dissent on council), John Connor (who filled a vacancy a year ago), Sonny Eline and Tom Hufnagle, Jr., have decided not to run.

We’ll hear a call about the problems with the school district again soon as the budget gets closer. I will probably disagree with some decisions, but know that they fiscally have few choices because of state issues. I do know Jared Reck, one of the candidates, and liked seeing his name listed for a seat. This means Rick Engle, Darlene Funnk, Jim Watson and Steve Edwards have decided not to run again.

But what about everyone else? Are you volunteering too many places already? Do you have to work a second job? Do you just talk a good game? With so many people saying what’s wrong about our community, why aren’t more stepping up to lead the way?

Hanover School Board Candidates

Four Four-Year Terms

Jared Reck, Karen Daubert (Republican)

One Unexpired Two-Year Term


Hanover Borough Candidates


Ben Adams (R)

Council, Ward 1

Gerald Funke (D)

Council, Ward 2

William Reichart (R)

Council, Ward 3


Council, Ward 4


Council, Ward 5


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What’s the YMCA Planning?

I have been meaning to blog more and got inspired today by the most mundane thing ever – a legal ad. There on the back page of today’s Evening Sun is a list of items to come before the Penn Twp. zoning board next month and one caught my eye.

The YMCA seems to be looking to build some facility at the corner of Grandview and Beck Mill. The ad describes the southeast corner being proposed for “a traditional YMCA facility which does not fall within the ordinance definition.” High Pointe, LLC, (Joe Myers builders, I believe) is making the application on behalf of the Y.

That intersection doesn’t have any open land so I’m not sure what all is planned there. The intersection sits across from Kids’ Kingdom and near St. Joseph Church. I had previously been thinking of Grandview and Black Rock since I drive by that area every day and just wasn’t properly oriented. There are a bunch of new housing developments in that area.

I wonder if this means that days are numbered for the south Hanover branch of the YMCA. Maybe this whole thing has been proposed for a while, but it caught my eye for the first time. The zoning meeting is set for March 12.

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