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Catching Up

November 12, 2012 | Comment

We had four fantastic performances of “Sex Please, We’re Sixty” at Hanover Little Theatre over the weekend with three of them completely or within a few seats of being sold out. I’m really gratified by the reaction people have had for this show. That makes me feel much better for blogging so little recently.

But while I have a few days off before my next show on Thursday (and come get your tickets at because they are going fast), let’s see what else has gone on recently:

  • Baker’s Dress Shop closed last weekend. I hate seeing another downtown business shut down, but realize that everything is not as simple as people want it to be. This doesn’t mean downtown is dead or that they had no business in my mind. Sometimes, people just need a change. I hope the rumors of a new buyer are true and, whether it’s a clothing store or not, they find success.
  • I’m torn on the news that Hanover schools might outsource their janitorial services. On one hand, you hate to lose the personal touch of the people working in the schools now. When my daughter was in elementary school, I enjoyed the security of knowing the people in the schools and their connection to the district. On the other hand, if it can save money, that will benefit everyone, as long as safety and security aren’t compromised. Hopefully they can find some way to reduce costs while not casting current employees to the wind and losing that comfortable feeling for parents.
  • Hopefully a bunch of people will go to the event tonight at the library on the history of Santa’s Cabin. I don’t think I can make it and really feel bad because the program sounds awesome.
  • I love the news that Hanover will have a full-time manager for the Main Street program. Hopefully someone focusing on economic development and renewal will continue the momentum that has already started from other areas. In the meantime, start getting ready for the holiday events downtown starting on Black Friday.
  • Fall play season will begin for local schools soon (if it hasn’t already). Hanover will host The Little Mermaid Jr. on Nov. 30 and Dec. 1-2 while South Western hosts Pillow Talk this weekend. Go see these kids put on fantastic shows.

I’m sure there is more to come later. In the meantime, come and see our show (I’ll be done telling you that in less than a week). I guarantee you will laugh.

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