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BREAKING NEWS: Buona Fortuna For Sale

June 24, 2012 | Comment

We came upon this one by accident (I give full credit to my wife for the find). While looking for info on a local business which is for sale, we found a listing for our favorite Italian restaurant in Hanover. The owner is retiring and has the place up for sale, according to the listing.

We started going down Frederick Street back in the mid-1990s for our Italian fix. This came when a bunch of us at the paper used to get lunch out pretty much everyday. When some of the crew found the “big salad with lots of stuff in it” (an homage to a famous “Seinfeld” line), we were hooked. Beyond the generous lunch salad, i always enjoyed the pasta and atmosphere at Buona Fortuna.

They also have a pretty active bar area, from what I understand. I have never visited the Colosseum bar, but have heard stories that it does pretty well. I even think I heard that they benefited from some of the crows looking for a place to go after KClinger’s closed.

I hope someone steps up to buy the business. We don’t go a lot, but think of Buona Fortuna first when we think of going out for Italian. I’d hate to see a good restaurant close.

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