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Big Saturday in Hanover

May 17, 2013 | Comment

After a week’s pause because of the weather, Chalk It Up comes to downtown Hanover tomorrow. This has really turned into a special yearly event and hopefully gets a lot of people out once again to participate and also stop by a shop or grab lunch. Even if you don’t plan on drawing, make it a point to visit downtown to see the wonderful things people create.

I like how the committee grabbed Michael William Kirby, who does public art and street painting, to lend a special touch to the event. The Baltimore artist already came to town to share his knowledge and expertise with kids in the Hanover Public School District, creating sidewalk drawings at the middle and high schools (sadly driven away by the rain which postponed the main event last week). Additions like this turn the day into more than a chance for people to create their art. I hope the weather holds out so we get another great day.

Even with some recent bad news (Potomac Bead Co. closing particularly), I still think downtown has promise, especially as events like this grow. With Young Manor getting its first tenant and the unveiling of the Electric Map at the Heritage Center later this year, we can hopefully see some more good news in the business district. I just hope people who don’t usually come downtown enjoy themselves and make it a point to come back later to shop at the shoe store or Treasures or Sandy Woods or the Painted Nest or Reader’s Cafe or one of the other great shops I can’t think of off the top of my head. Maybe they could grab a bite to eat this summer at the Famous or the Lucky Spot or Dona Mary’s or Family Stockpot, just to name a few options.

And if you come downtown and don’t feel like exploring any of the food options, the Hanover Lions Club is holding a chicken barbecue down Route 194 at the Friendship Fire Company parking lot. We’ll also have pickup locations in south Hanover (behind Auchey’s) and north of town (in the Big Lots parking lot). The standard meal (half a chicken, baked potato, roll and butter) is $8 and the proceeds allow me and my fellow Lions to serve a lot of people in the community through our projects around town.

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