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Big Ideas Require Small Steps

October 25, 2011 | 1 Comment

I have held onto this idea for a few weeks because I wanted to wrap my head around it. Plus, I’m a procrastinator.

Earlier this month, local developer Scott Roland came to borough council with Chamber of Commerce President Gary Laird to pitch an idea for a conference center downtown. They wanted to gauge council support for partnering on a $30,000 study on the viability of a project.

From what I have seen in the ensuing article and chatter online, council seems lukewarm on even entering into a partnership on a feasibility study. That bugs me.

(As I always do with these things, I like to point out that I have nothing to do with this idea. I think I have met Scott once or twice socially a few years back and don’t know him. I have nothing to do with the Chamber.)

From what I have read, the idea is not for Hanover to commit long-term to making this project happen. There is just an thought of asking for them to pitch in some to help fund a study of whether this idea would work. I’m flummoxed that so many quotes seemed to focus on what would happen if the project came to life because the borough paid for part of the project, then went belly up, leaving the borough was on the hook for it.

That kind of stuff won’t happen if the borough makes an intelligent decision when they join in a feasibility study and outline that they are only funding a small part of a study and not investing in the actual development of the project. Why the view inevitably goes to failure in the future and not planning for the present, I’ll never know.

We have so many people crowding around telling the masses that downtown Hanover needs a spark. Someone actually steps up with an idea and the only reactions are negative. Why? Because the idea came from someone else? Because it has many steps to fruition? Because it’s just one idea and not a 30-year plan?

There’s nothing wrong with thinking big, but you need to start small. Let’s find a way to either help fund the feasibility study or point them in the right direction to find a grant or something so that we can see if this project has legs instead of crossing our fingers for a better deal to come along.

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