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Best Deal in Town

December 22, 2011 | Comment

I found myself alone in the vicinity of the Utz Outlet yesterday. That’s always a dangerous combination when I have some free time. Luckily, I had nowhere to be and ended up walking out with the best deal in Hanover.

Just follow these directions and you can enjoy the bounty too

  • Enter the Utz outlet
  • Head into the first room on the left, the one with the sports-themed containers
  • Take an immediate left when you enter the room
  • Head to the wall and look to your left
  • Grab a bag and go pay

That corner holds big bags of broken pretzel rods and broken hard pretzels. I am partial to the six-pound bag of broken rods. That will run you $4. I don’t know how much the broken hards cost you (or the exact size of the bag), but it’s similar.

I take the bag home and fill up a few containers – also obtained from the outlet – with the broken rods. I put one in the basement where I watch TV and take one to work to snack on throughout the day. Sometimes we put one in the kitchen too.

I just want everyone else to enjoy this bounty as much as I do.


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